The Creative Loafing Food Issue 2014 

Memorable local dishes, the Bay's best restaurants, hangover helpers, restaurant news & more

Not to get all Proustian up in here (or maybe I mean Pavlovian), but taste and memory are intricately linked. Our most beloved dishes don't just satisfy our hunger, they reach something deeper. They nourish our souls. And once we find that inimitably delicious thing, we can't help but talk about it.

So that's what were doing in this food issue talking about the local restaurant dishes we can't forget. CL restaurant critic Jon Palmer Claridge weighs in on his 25 favorites, and takes a look back at his first two years of reviewing to see how the stars aligned. We non-professional eaters get to swoon about our favorites, too, and we also chat with the online noshers who write about food because, well, they just like to write about food. Plus, Jon considers a few places opening soon that might just cook up some memories in the future, and CL summer intern Amy Daire offers suggestions for culinary hangover cures — useful for recovering from nights you just might want to forget.

Elsewhere in the book, look for reports on anti-GMO activism and school lunch reform (and the ensuing backlash); a Father's Day column about the unifying effects of a well-made martini; an essay on foods with a literary pedigree; and a tasty matchup of playlists and party menus to assure you're serving up the perfect soundtrack. One word of warning: Reading about all this irresistible food will lead inevitably to a desire to eat something.

Give in. And make some memories of your own.

David Warner


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