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Mike Suarez wants (at least) four more years serving Tampa

Suarez says he's in love with his job.

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CL Voting Guide 2014: Statewide Races

Get the scoop on Crist, Scott, Wyllie, Bondi and more

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CL Voting Guide 2014: Amendments/Referendum

Voice your opinion on conservation, medical marijuana, judicial appointments and Greenlight Pinellas

News Feature

CL Voting Guide 2014: Pinellas 1

All the information you need for Pinellas County's most important midterm races

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Political Animal

Case closed? Rudy Giuliani gives seal of approval to Uber background check

"Uber is setting the safety standard in the ride-sourcing industry,” Giuliani claims, while admitting his company's study isn't finished.

Poet's Notebook

Poet's notebook: The good doctor

Remembering Dr. Dannie Abse, Welsh poet, practicing physician and lover of good pizza.

Political Animal

Mitch Perry Report 10.29.14: Will Mike Fasano's independence hurt him in 2016?

Political Animal

Say what? Bill Young ad says Dwight Dudley "SIDES with Duke"

Dudley has been a constant critic of Duke Energy and Florida's energy policies since being elected in 2012.

Political Animal

Moral Mondays Florida vote for a better tomorrow

Their platform is nonpartisan, “Right versus wrong, not right versus left.”

Political Animal

Mitch Perry Report 10.28.14 - Campaigning in the time of Ebola


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