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Political Animal

Sh*t happened 5/29/15: Rays limbo, GOP clown car & more

Who will be the next to announce his or her (probably his) candidacy? Herman Cain, we're looking at you. Pretty please?

Political Animal

Rallies planned in Tampa and elsewhere for Amendment 1 Saturday

Sure, it was supported by the vast majority of voters in November, but that doesn't mean it'll get implemented in a meaningful way.

Poet's Notebook

Poet's notebook: Republicans and Obamacare 2

All of the GOP's efforts to undo the Affordable Care Act have failed. What next, and what will it mean for the nation's uninsured?

Political Animal

Rubio says The Gays will ruin marriage, Christianity 3

Because people fighting for fairness and equality obviously want to undermine a religion supposedly founded on peace and kindness.

Political Animal

Sh*t happened 5/26/15: St. Pete development, Bay area sports & more

Political Animal

Stupefying Kansas screw-the-poor law not long shot in Florida, actually 2

We're already there, at least in spirit.


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