John Freda does his thing 

With less than a quarter century of life under his belt, John Freda is a fresh-faced advocate of smaller shows where concertgoers with open minds can share ideas without the pretense and complications of commercialized consumption. He’s hosted major players in the national underground scene at Fuzz Factory (Burger Records’ Elvis Christ recently blew through), and has a unique take on the role the “DIY” scene plays in the greater scheme of things.

“It encourages musicians to produce art without concerning themselves with getting paid, promoters, record labels,” he said. “It fosters groups of dedicated artists who passionately create with no external motives.”

He likes the way technology enables artists and supporters to disregard the political side of the industry, distribute and consume art more freely, and charge lower prices, but he is leery of turning the term “DIY” into an exclusive aesthetic or genre. “It works better as a philosophy and work ethic. I’ve never been compelled to advertise my band or venue as ‘DIY’,” he explained. “It’s just a way of doing things.”


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