If you're looking for the trailer for Horns, here's a (for now) link [UPDATE: IT'S GONE] 

The flick, highly anticipated by genre fans, has been deeply under wraps for quite a while.

click to enlarge horns.jpg

UPDATE: Looks like it's been removed.
It seems like all day, the trailer for Horns, the dark fantasy flick starring Daniel Radcliffe, directed by Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Piranha 3D), and adapted from a seriously amazing novel by Joe Hill, has been popping up on and dropping off of video sites across the web. In his Twitter feed, Hill himself mused that Lionsgate, the studio putting the flick out, might be trying to keep the trailer under wraps until San Diego Comic Con, the famed annual genre-orgy-slash-promotiongasm coming up a week from Thursday.

OK, sure. Good luck with that.

We're not sure if they've officially given up or what, but it looks like The AV Club has a stay-put version of the trailer here. Moody music! Dark under-eye circles! Accusations of terribleness! And, we've gotta say, a nice build that manages not to reveal Radcliffe's titular dome accoutrements until the end. This collection of famous people from myriad fandoms lands right around Halloween.


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