Florida Democrats race to the bottom 

They should be riding high. Instead, they’re fighting over who gets to be party chair.

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Some Democrats say 2014 will be unlike off-year elections in that, regardless of who their gubernatorial nominee is, the party will be energized to defeat Rick Scott. But Susannah Randolph says the Democrats are in no position to be so confident.

“I think the #1 thing that Democrats should understand is that regardless of Rick Scott’s approval ratings right now, he could still win re-election, and that nothing should be taken for granted. I think whomever the chair is, he or she has to not only be able to replicate the kind of power that the OFA organization brought, but to tailor it… [H]ow do we take the animosity towards Rick Scott and use him to make this state blue for a long time?”

Tampa Democratic political consultant and former state party executive director Ana Cruz does not think the infighting is good for the party.

“We have to keep our eye on the prize, and that is to be ready for 2014. All of the shenanigans, and all of the Democratic infighting that is taking place over this, is not getting us any closer to ensuring that our party is whole.”


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