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James Howard - Publisher
David Warner - Editor in Chief
Dan Sullivan - Online Producer




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Community Advisory Board

  • Christina Campbell
  • Bob Dardenne
  • Maryann Ferenc
  • Adam Fritz
  • Laura Taylor
  • Paul Wilborn

Creative Loafing Tampa

1911 N. 13th Street
(2nd floor above Spaghetti Warehouse)
Tampa FL 33605
813-739-4800 (main)
813-739-4801 (fax)

To place a classified ad call (866) 946-5686.
To Place display or web advertising call (813) 739-4843.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Chris Ferrell
  • Chief Financial Officer: Patrick Min
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Susan Torregrossa
  • Chief Technology Officer: Matt Locke
  • Business Manager: Eric Norwood
  • Director of Digital Sales and Marketing: David Walker
  • Controller: Todd Patton
  • Creative Director: Heather Pierce
  • Director of Online Content/Development: Patrick Rains

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