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When our audience picks up Creative Loafing at one of our 1,500+ locations, visits us online, subscribes to our e-newsletters or follows us on the social networks, they know they’ll get a fresh perspective on news and social issues; authoritative commentary on local music, cuisine, arts and entertainment events; and the best guide to restaurants and things to do in the Tampa Bay area, from lectures and wine tastings to beach volleyball and speed dating.

Loaf readers have active lifestyles and curious minds. They work hard, play hard and seek out new experiences, new ideas and new relationships. They care about their community and do what they can to make it a good place for everyone. Loaf readers look to us for the story behind the story and up-to-the-minute information on local events and happenings.

When you promote your business with Creative Loafing, you’re getting access to active people who are looking for the best in food, fun, events, goods and services.

Our audience is more affluent, better educated and more likely to be in the acquisition stage of life than the market average (richer, smarter and willing to spend).


Launched in Atlanta in 1972, Creative Loafing is older than most cable networks and has cornered the market on arts and entertainment – no one else even comes close. Throw in hard-hitting editorial and the Loaf is showing no signs of slowing down in its fifth decade.

CL expanded to Tampa Bay in 1988, and is now part of the SouthComm family as of 2011.


Circulation and Distribution
Creative Loafing is part of SouthComm, the second largest alternative newspaper chain in the U.S. Expand your message by running your ad campaign in Cincinnati, Charlotte, Kansas City, Louisville, Nashville, and Tampa.

Creative Loafing is available free to readers every Thursday via thousands of racks and boxes located throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. (Distribution begins on Wednesday afternoons). Your Account Executive can provide you with recent circulation figures, circulation audit reports, and specific distribution points including area restaurants, nightclubs and retail establishments. We offer a variety of regional and localized circulation rate packages to fit your specific marketing needs.

Advertising Deadlines:
Deadines are the week prior to the publication date, although deadlines may be moved up 24 hours in the event of holidays, special issues or early print deadlines.
• Space reservations & ads requiring proofs: Wednesday, 5:00 p.m.
• Final ad copy & layout (non-proofs): Thursday, 5:00 p.m.
• Digital ads: Friday, 12:00 p.m. (noon)
• Payment: Friday, 3:30 p.m.
• All corrections: Friday, 5:00 p.m.

Updated demographic information showing our readership in hundreds of specific target markets is provided by Media Audit, a semi-annual survey published by International Demographics in Houston comparing audience profiles for local print, television, radio, outdoor and direct mail.

Design & production:
Creative Loafing employs a staff of design professionals dedicated to creating ads that generate response for our clients. We’ve established design criteria with this goal in mind and offer design assistance, clip art, stock imagery and a variety of font styles to help convey your message clearly. If you would like to provide us with your own artwork, photos, logos, etc., please supply high-quality images that will reproduce well on newsprint. There is no additional charge for our design services.
Download digital submissions guidelines and instructions for our FTP server.

Preprinted Inserts are offered and can be circulated in up to four targeted zones throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough. Costs are based per thousand with a minimum purchase of 10,000. Glossy paper inserts are not recommended. All inserts are subject to publisher approval. Advertiser is responsible for delivering inserts to our printers by noon on Friday prior to publication.

Placement of ads within Creative Loafing:
Ads are placed by nature of content. Our readers can expect to find movie ads in the film section, restaurant ads in the food section, retail accounts in the news section, services and special events in the calendar of events section, etc. Speak to your Account Executive if you have questions regarding placement. We do not knowingly accept ads that intend to defraud or mislead our readers in any way. All advertising is subject to Publisher approval.

Special issue schedule
Throughout the year, Creative Loafing produces several special themed issues and supplements. Ask for an updated schedule to help plan your annual or seasonal advertising campaigns and take advantage of special coverage. Special issues include:
• Best of the Bay
• Green Issue
• Neighborhoods Project
• Music Issue
• Food Issue
• Summer Guide
• Fall Arts Preview
• Holiday Auction/Holiday Guide

Loaf Policies

Classified Advertising:
Our classified section offers traditional categories for real estate, rentals and employment ads as well as non-traditional sections for personals, metaphysical and back page advertising. Classified ads make a great complement to your display campaign. Call (866) 946-5686 to speak directly to a classified rep. See our Adult Guidelines for our policies on accepting adult advertising.

Credit Policies:
Payment must be received by 3:30 p.m. on Friday before the publication date for all advertising unless a completed credit application has been approved and credit terms have been established through the accounting department. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express along with checks, money orders and check-by-phone as methods of payment.


Online Advertising:
Ask your Account Executive about Creative Loafing's online display ads. We offer three standard IAB sizes on each of our Web pages. Our ad positions are created to drive the most performance possible to meet your marketing objectives. We have the ability to target time-placed buys, sections, geographies, etc. Our goal is to deliver results. We're flexible and willing to work with you to meet your objectives.

We offer two standard IAB sizes in our e-mail newsletters that are delivered weekly to over 30,000 e-mail subscribers. Mailing lists include music, food, news/events, drinks/nightlife and more.


In addition to advertising, we also offer several promotional programs to help you build relationships with our consumers including ticket giveaways, contests, event sponsorships and social networking. Through these special programs you can reach specific target demographics, increase your business and leave a lasting impression with your customers.

The Street Team
The Street Team is a group of fun, outgoing individuals who enjoy exploring the urban landscape. Street Teamers will go to hot spots around town promoting our partners, helping people discover what their great city has to offer.

CL Deals
Our half-priced gift certificate program helps restaurants and retailers reach new customers and get higher check averages. Applying our reputation as experts on food, nightlife and shopping, we partner with the city’s finest destinations to offer our consumers the biggest selection of gift certificates at half the price.

Creative Loafing Tampa

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Classified Department hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
For advertising rates, please call
Kassey Barroni at (813) 739-4843
or email her at

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