Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jolly camp wants Alex Sink to back away accusing David Jolly of supporting privatizing Social Security

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The David Jolly camp is calling on Alex Sink to condemn a new ad produced by the House Majority PAC on her behalf.

The ad, called "Privatized," accuses the CD13 GOP candidate of lobbying for “a special interest that wanted to privatize social security.” The narrator in the ad then goes on to quote a letter from AARP that criticizes social security privatization.

One problem with that, however. AARP says they're neutral in the race and doesn't like the fact that they're being used to pit one candidate vs. another.

"We were not aware of, nor does AARP have any involvement with, any political campaign including the recent District 13 ad from the House Majority Pac that mentions AARP," says Florida AARP State Director Jeff Johnson."AARP does not endorse candidates, have a political action committee (PAC), or make contributions to political campaigns or candidates. We work with members of all political parties to help improve the lives of Americans and Floridians 50+.”

It should be noted, however, that AARP is not disputing the content in the ad.

Now Team Jolly wants Sink to disavow the ad.

“This ad is not only flat out false in its distortion of David Jolly’s positions, but it uses the well-known senior advocacy group AARP in an attempt to scare Pinellas seniors,” said Jolly Spokesperson Sarah Bascom. “This is typical Washington-style politics and scare tactics that should not be tolerated in this race for the future of Pinellas County.”

Bascom went on to say that "Alex Sink has said that she wanted to put politics aside in this race, and now is the time to see if she actually believes that."

Jolly has repeated throughout the campaign that he wants to preserve the current system for social security for seniors. He has said that "anybody that has an intellectually honest conversation knows we have to have long-term entitlement reform in order to balance the budget."

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