Sunday, July 28, 2013

Occupy Tampa booted from area malls

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A member of Occupy Tampa is detained and escorted off the International Plaza property by a Tampa police officer.

A group of approximately 30 people from Occupy Tampa were escorted from two different Bay area malls on Saturday for protesting in advocacy for the release of Bradley Manning, the 25-year-old Army private currently jailed for his alleged role in the release of classified information to the website WikiLeaks. Calling the demonstrations Flash Mobs, the group appeared at West Shore Plaza and International Plaza in Tampa. During their brief protests they wore masks with the face of Manning, handed out pamphlets denouncing arrests for whistle blowing, and recited a scripted dialog loudly, calling attention to their message from both passersby and mall security. They were escorted off of the premises by security officers at West Shore Plaza and both Tampa Police Department and security members at International Plaza.


Bradley Manning masks being donned by the protesters, this one at Westshore Plaza.

A scripted message was recited by the group, quicly gaining the attention of shoppers and security.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Many faces of Trayvon — images from Tampa Bay rallies this weekend

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Linda Paulk of Ice Cream Magazine holds portrait of Travon Martin

Linda Paulk of Ice Cream Magazine holds portrait of Travon Martin at the Justice for Trayvon rally at Tampa Federal Courthouse Saturday

Hundreds of people in the Tampa Bay area rallied this weekend wearing shirts, carrying signs and chanting, saying "We are Trayvon." Two rallies, one in St Petersburg and one in Tampa, were organized after last weeks not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford, where Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Some in attendance were there to listen, some to lend support, and some to be heard.


This couple exemplifies much of the concern and unity expressed at Saturdays rally in downtown Tampa

Justice and Unity t Shirts_1
T- shirts were worn by some of those attending the Unity and Justice Rally at St. Petersburg Vinoy Park on Friday

On Friday a Unity and Justice rally was held in Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg under threatening skies. The tenor of the rally was peaceful as speakers challenged the multi-race audience of about 85 people to action. They suggested contacting their elected officials about the Florida Stand Your Ground law and educating themselves about public officials before getting out to vote. The event ended with a march to city hall in downtown St Petersburg.

On Saturday an estimated 400 people attended a Justice for Trayvon rally in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Tampa. Many of them expressed the same sentiment as the Friday rally, calling for a repeal of the Stand Your Ground law, federal action against George Zimmerman, and expressing a bond with the Martin family, some of whom were in attendance.

D'Aarius Robinson 12 years old

12-year-old D'Aarius Robinson is wearing hoodie and holding a bag of Skittles as a sign of solidarity with Trayvon Martin and family. He attended Friday's St Petersburg event with his mother and aunt.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travelogues is in a New York state of mind

Storytellers and photographers take a bite out of the Big Apple.

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Travelogues is in a New York state of mind during the Fri., July 12, installment of their monthly spoken word night at Café Hey. Like my experiences of New York, from meeting Nas to realizing my then boyfriend had found a new love during a surprise visit, the storytellers each have their own unique experiences to share, good and bad.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bolts are calling all Tampa Bay artists

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Sacred Heart Church by last years first place winner Nicole Abbett
  • Nicole Abbett
  • "Sacred Heart Church," last year's first place winner in the Lightning arts competition.

The Tampa Bay Times Forum and the Tampa Bay Lightning are hosting their second annual arts competition with another open call to artists.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wetter, wilder and prouder than ever: St Pete Pride 2013

The rains came, but so did a record number of paradegoers.

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Dereiao and Santiago from Miami

Dereiao and Santiago came from Miami to share in the festivities on Saturday on Central Ave in St Pete.

Saturday in St Petersburg it rained. It rained a lot. But it didn't dampen spirits. And it didn't stop St Pete Pride 2013. Yes, there was some smeared mascara, and the weather did not make for a good hair day. Yet the parade and festival went on, wet and wild.
London from Tampa sas he is still celebrating the recent Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage

Last week's ruling on DOMA and California's Prop 8 was still on the minds of many in attendance on Saturday. London from Tampa says he is still celebrating the recent Supreme Court rulings.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn tosses beads during his first Pride parade

In a historic move, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn participated in the St. Petersburg event for the first time. St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster, while signing an LGBT Pride Proclamation just days before the festival, did not attend, citing a prior commitment.

Mark Bias and Carrie West, male Grand Marshals

The parade's Grand Marshals (male division) were GaYbor Coalition leaders Mark Bias and Carrie West. This year, St. Pete Pride let the community vote on who it would like representing them in the St Pete Pride celebration. Nominees were divided into three categories: male, female, and community group. With nearly 4,000 votes coming in, Bias and West, founding members of St Pete Pride, won the men's contest.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

CL on the Road: Music, yoga and sleep deprivation at Bonnaroo 2013

A look back at this year's fest.

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Photographer Shanna Gillette was called upon to take some shots at this year's Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee after the freelancer scheduled to document the fest for CL-Tampa had to bow out unexpectedly. The following is a photo log of her adventures. Follow Shanna as she snakes her way across the country and read her transmissions from the road on her blog or website. —Leilani Polk

  • Bonnaroo Instagram
Wednesday, 12:28 a.m.. In line. High fives from the car window. A message spray-painted on the wall leading into the grounds reads "Radiate Positivity" in 10-foot-high letters. After quite the debacle getting in, we are preparing to park. We've been driving since 1 p.m., from the panhandle. I'm tired, stressed, feeling my age, but the vibe here is insanely upbeat, a bit like a circus. I like it already. Welcome to my first Bonnaroo.

Thursday, 4:47 a.m. How the fuck did it get to be 4:47 already? The sun is coming up. I'm in an RV filled with pot smoke, listening to 97X-style rock. This weekend will be a lesson in 'going with the flow.' I don't think I'm going to get much sleep... They're making burgers now.

Thursday, 2 p.m.-ish. Day one and I'm already sleep negative. I'm in another RV with four dudes. It looks like a Budweiser can cyclone made a deposit here. Definitely need to pace myself if I want to make it through the weekend.

Evening falls and we head in for our first taste of music, and here is where my brain and subsequently, my journal entries become a bit scattered. I'll fill in the gaps to the best of my recollection and improvise the rest. Enjoy...

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Caught on camera: Rally against the NSA

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FU NSA in front of Tampa Federal Courthouse

Members of Occupy Tampa hold signs outside of the Federal Building in downtown Tampa on Friday afternoon.

Dozens of people gathered across the street from the Federal Building in downtown Tampa on Friday afternoon to rally against the allegations that the National Security Agency is using the Internet and other technology to spy on U.S. citizens. The building houses Sen. Bill Nelson's local district office. According to organizers Sen. Nelson voted for the establishment of the Prism program. It was revealed last week that Prism, code name for a program surreptitiously collecting information via the Internet worldwide, was being used by the NSA. Participants from several organizations including Occupy Tampa, Veterans for Peace and St. Pete for Peace showed up for the demonstration.

Demonstrators across the street from the Tampa Federal Courthouse under Kress Building awning

Demonstrators across the street from the Tampa Federal Courthouse under Kress Building awning held signs protesting the NSA, Sen. Bill Nelson, and advocating for the release of Bradley Manning who was arrested in 2010 for releasing classified information to the website Wikileaks.

Occupy TAmpa members rally across from Fedral Courthouse

Occupy Tampa members rally across from Federal Building and hold signs of protest for the cars passing by on Florida Avenue.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Roads less taken: Glimpses of downtown St Pete's alley art

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Tribute to Artist Bill "Woo" Correira. St. Petersburg

Artist Bill "Woo" Correira died last year. This mural was started around midnight on the night of his death by his friends according to one passerby. It is painted on the side of the Sleepworks store on Sixth Street.

Have you seen the murals behind the shops and galleries of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg? They stand out amidst the old mattresses, broken beer bottles, and ugly dumpsters that traditionally go with back alleys. They are nice, bright, big public works of art created by different artists behind several businesses. According to some of the residents I spoke with, murals are popping up all over the city. These are between Central Avenue and First Avenue North, in the 600 block district.

Mural behind the State Theater

Mural behind the State Theater at 687 Central Ave.

I envy St. Petersburg. They have got some of the coolest art districts in the area and residents enthusiastic about art. Central Avenue is one, the Warehouse District is another, not to mention Beach Drive with its more formal Museum of Fine Arts and Dale Chihuly Exhibit among others. But, alas, I am a Tampa resident.

Don't get me wrong, we have good stuff like the Tampa Museum of Art and The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.There are some other smatterings. Seminole Heights has places like The Tempus Project and Susan Gott's Pheonix Project. There are some great murals along Florida Ave. and the north end of Franklin street.

But it's not the same. The last three pieces of public art that I heard any noise about were the busts of people along Riverwalk who helped put Tampa on the map, the "Exploding Chicken" that has been re-erected in the Channelside District, and the new work produced under the artistic direction of muralist Michael Parker on Adamo Drive in Ybor City. Much of Tampa's art scene is too formal or too spread out. And, one may wonder if the majority of Tampa residents even care.

Mural behind The Trunk Stylists shop 2

Mural behind The Trunk Stylists shop at 651 Central Ave., St Petersburg.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Canon Project Imaginat10n: call for submissions

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Ron Howard and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard.
  • Ron Howard and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard.

Ron Howard and his hyper-creative gang have teamed up with Canon to give a deductive twist to storytelling. Ninety-one winning photographs have been chosen to boost your imagination, chosen after a wave of photographic submissions themed after the 10 tenets of storytelling: Mood, Goal, Backstory, Character, Obstacle, Relationship, Setting and The Unknown.

The participants choose 10 of the photos that will inspire their short film submissions, no more than 10 minutes in length. Films will be judged based on creative use of the 10 photos, originality, technical quality and overall impression.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekend wrap-up: Florida Night Heat at New World, George Clinton at Ferg’s

A look back at shows that happened on May 31 and June 1, 2013; photos & video included.

Posted By and on Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 6:20 PM

Last weekend proved a lively musical romp despite the rain, with Florida Night Heat raging the standing room stage at New World Brewery in celebration of releasing a new recording, and George Clinton bringing his sticky-icky funk to St. Pete for A Slice of the Burg Music & Food Festival on Saturday in what became a throwdown at Ferg’s because of the nonstop downpour on the fest’s outdoor stage. [Text by Leilani, photos by Phil.]

The Friday night Florida Night Heat show at New World opened up with performances by Sun Signs, Alias Punch and AJ Vincent, though we managed to miss the first two and arrived at the start of AJ’s set, joining the healthy 100-plus crowd that had come out to enjoy some brews and local(ish) tunes.

You likely remember sandy-haired keysman AJ best from his tenure playing with Austin-bred The Bright Light Social Hour; he hit the falsetto notes, brought dynamic stage presence, and busted out a keytar for the occasional high-powered jam. Solo, he shows strong promise and already has a full repertoire of songs ranging from more straightforward electro-rock dance numbers to synth-trippy instrumental soundscapes, all of it blasted at frequencies so loud I had to bust out the ‘plugs. AJ still has the ability to enthrall with his good looks, great keyboard stylings and impressive vocal range, but he’d benefit from the support of a band, or at least a drummer; there’s a certain sonic vibrancy a live kit adds to the mix that a drum track just can’t replicate.

Florida Night Heat strolled to their spots at around 12:20 a.m., and after a brief scuffle that actually tumbled into the stage area from the patio and interrupted their set relatively early on (stop drinking if you can’t handle your alcohol, people!), the musicians got into the building and crushing part of the night, bassist Andre Jones, guitarist Jensen Kistler and drummer Chris Wood joined by unofficial member Matt E. Lee (Poetry n’ Lotion, Brahm Bones); Lee actually appeared on 2011’s #Immortality and has been contributing to recent live performances on keyboards and guitar, adding a fresh dimension of hazy texture and sci-fi psychedelia to their grimy post-rock n’ hard groove sound.

On the whole, the foursome's playing was tight, focused and plenty vigorous in a setlist that included older tracks (“Bobby,” “BK Outro”), a cover (Nirvana’s “About a Girl”), and all four cuts off their newly-pressed Omegas EP, unveiled for the first time on this night and available on 180g vinyl; copies were hawked along with limited edition Simpsons-inspired tee-shirts made specially for the occasion. The band even changed things up a for a song that found Dre and Jensen trading instruments, Dre’s brow furrowed in concentration over the axe while Jensen looked extra angular wielding Dre’s bass. FNH returned for an encore with guest trumpeter Kenny Pullin and closed the night with the dramatic spaghetti western march and crash of “The Last Bandito.”

Florida Night Heat

Saturday night was drenched in rain and a few events seemed to suffer, though the shows went on as scheduled, if slightly altered. The St. Pete Bike Co-Op Grand Opening was moved into the small confines of the shop, a building adjacent to the Shufflboard Courts, and I arrived to find it surrounded by giant puddles; Early Forms was setting up, the rain was still coming down and I managed to immerse my feet (flip flops a bad idea in hindsight) and soak through the bottom of jeans feet before even getting to the door. Since I’d seen Early Forms the weekend before at Fubar, I decided to return home to change into drier clothes before venturing back out to catch George Clinton and P-Funk at A Slice of the Burg. (More info about the Co-Op opening in Meghan's report.)

A few stops later, I was at The Bends drinking with friends in the nighclub-like laser-lighted backroom and bobbing to some hip hop when word finally arrived that The Mothership had landed. We started the process of closing multiple tabs, and made a hasty retreat as the music took a dance-unz turn. Next stop: Ferg's.

The fundraiser to help preserve the historic YMCA had endured a wetting all day, and as the day grew late, was finally moved from its downtown St. Pete street stage to the sports bar near Tropicana Field. Pay-what-you-can tickets turned into a free-for-all walk-up by the time we strutted and sauntered into Ferg’s (because that’s what you do when you hear P-Funk playing) to what sounded like the tail end of “Cosmic Slop” based on the guitar soloing. The closer I got, the better I could make out Clinton’s head bobbing in the distance. The only thing visible above the surging crowd of bodies was his white fedora and that was my view of him for the rest of his set, as pushing through the too-thick crowd surrounding the stage was more trouble than it was worth for a view that didn’t change much despite me being closer. But I didn’t mind; the atmosphere was a festive and high-spirited one, the crowd getting down and totally enthused as Clinton and the band cycled through various Afro-futuristic P-Funk hits — “One Nation (Under a Groove),” “Make My Funk P-Funk” and the like. Even the clusters of cops standing with crossed arms on the sidewalk to the left of the stage (which opened out onto the street) seemed to be in a mellow mood, ignoring or ignorant to the occasional scent of greenery wafting on the late night air.

A short video of the night below...

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