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DCCC wants to know what CD13 GOP candidates think of Ted Cruz

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The Friday in St. Petersburg all of the candidates for the Congressional District 13 Pinellas County seat vacated by the death of Bill Young will engage in a candidates forum for the first time. The event takes place as the two best known Republicans in the race - businessman and lobbyist David Jolly and state Representative Kathleen Peters - are locked in a virtual tie at 27 percent, according to a St. Pete Polls survey released Tuesday night.

Somewhat surprisingly, retired Brigadier General Mark Bircher comes in a not-that-distant third with 17 percent of the vote.

The poll also shows that Democrat Alex Sink still leads all of them by double-digits in the special general election that will take place in March.

So with no primary to get involved with, the folks with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are doing whatever they can to make the GOP race as tarnished as possible.

Today they unveiled a new website labeled "10 Questions from the Tea Party to Kathleen Peters and David Jolly."

They are:

1) Did you support the shutdown of our government?
2) Would you vote for John Boehner for Speaker?
3) Do you support Ted Cruz?
4) Would you support expanding Medicaid
5) Do you support Paul Ryan's budget that ends the Medicare guarantee?
6) Would you privatize Social Security and force seniors to gamble with their retirement on the stock market?
7) What are your thoughts on Governor Rick Scott?
8) Would you increase the debt limit?
9) Would you vote for the next round of the sequester?
10) Who is more in step with the Tea Party's conservative views? You or your opponent?

CL sat down with David Jolly yesterday, and asked him a variation of the last question. Specifically, what did he think of the Tea Party's influence on the Republican Party in the past few years, and is he concerned about the GOP's lack of success with certain constituencies - blacks, Latinos, Asians and young people?

"All politics is local," he said, adding, "I think a constructive message that concentrates on fiscal discipline on some common sense conservative issues resonates across the board- men, women, regardless of the demographic. This is a Pinellas County race."

CL will meet with Kathleen Peters later today and will update this post with her response to that question.

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