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Meet Commissioner Delete

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The Hillsborough County Commission lauded former Commissioner Jan Platt this past Wednesday by naming the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) after her. Each commissioner praised Jan Platt for her devotion and service. Now that they've renamed ELAPP, it's time for citizens to rename some of the commissioners, based on their comments and attitudes. Commissioner Miller has now earned the name, Commissioner Delete.

It started out sounding like a praise-a-thon. But along with praise came expressions of contempt and arrogance from some commissioners in dealing with the fact that many citizens expressed concerns about putting a name on ELAPP. The concerns had nothing to do with Jan Platt. She is respected by everyone. It was more about avoiding what could end up being political. Remember when the Moral Courage Award was renamed after Ralph Hughes?. What a disaster that was. The bottom line is that when you start naming everything after politicians you will eventually end up with political backlash.

The renaming took place at the regular Hillsborough County Commission meeting on Wednesday October 16, 2013. During the renaming discussion, Commissioner Miller expressed contempt for those that felt ELAPP shouldn't be renamed. He revealed that when he gets emails from citizens that disagree with what he wants to do, he solves it by getting rid of them (the emails, not the constituents). Hmmm...I guess that's one way to justify your actions. If you delete all opposing emails then you have nothing left in your inbox but letters from citizens that agree with you That way I guess you'll always be right.

That being the case, Commissioner Miller will now be called affectionately, Commissioner Delete.

Here's what Commissioner Delete said...

"Mr Chairman, you know I see some of those emails too why we shouldn't name this, and I read them and deleted them. I know what Jan Platt has done in this therefore, I had no problem pushing that delete button and getting rid of them."

Come to think of it, we should have a renaming convention and rename some of the other commissioners, as well.

Commissioner Sharpe should be renamed, Commissioner Melt Away.

His comments were...
"...and so I know that there are some concerns, but I think that they will all melt away..."

Melt away? What is he thinking? I guess he believes that when you get opposing views you should just vote the way you want and the opposition will just "melt away". He has a unique way of looking at things. He envisions the opposition as snow. It falls down on you and it's cold, wet and slippery. But if you turn up the heat and do what you want anyway, it will melt and wash away with the next political shower.

And perhaps Commissioner Higginbotham should now be called Commissioner Myopic because he referred to those who expressed concerns as "short sighted".

Feel free to let Commissioner Delete and the other commissioners know what you think of their new monikers. If you have more appropriate names than these, please let us know.

I welcome comments from the renamed commissioners but I must warn Commissioner Delete that if he sends me an email that isn't positive, I'm going to read it and then quickly send it to the recycle bin.

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