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Richelle Ryan, the all-American exotic dancer

The porn star on taking selfies at the gym, feature dancing, seven-inch penises, her porn tattoo, and why so many adult entertainers went to Catholic school.

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If it wasn't for Britney Spears, Richelle Ryan might never have become a porn star or a celebrated exotic dancer. Like every American teen coming of age in the late 1990s, the music video for "Hit Me Baby One More Time" sparked Ryan's sexual interest. Perhaps she identified with the performer's dancing, or how the pop star turned a school girl uniform — which Ryan wore every day to Catholic school — into a symbol of sexuality. After watching the video on MTV's TRL one afternoon, Ryan turned to her girlfriend and the pair started making out. This heavy petting quickly led to Ryan's first sexual experience.

Ryan lost her virginity at 16, at which time she became very sexually adventurous. At 18 she started performing at a strip club. Dancing helped her pay for college and it also helped her explore her sexuality. Ryan started bringing women home and watching porn during sex so she could imitate the performers. Like every other hot blooded American who started searching for porn online in the early 2000s, Ryan fell for Jenna Jameson. Her affinity for the starlet was such that at 19, Ryan got Jameson's “Heartbreaker” tattoo on her ass. Then, on her 21st birthday, July 11, 2006, Ryan shot her first sex scene.

In recent years Ryan has taken her x-rated act on the road, focusing on her feature dancing. In honor of her efforts, this year Ryan was crowned the Adult Movie Feature Entertainer of the Year at the 2013 Exotic Dancer Awards.

You were named the Adult Movie Feature Entertainer of the Year at the 2013 Exotic Dancer Awards. What do you do at your feature dancing shows that other performers don’t?

It's a huge honor for me to win Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year 2013. It's the highest honor you can receive in the feature dance industry. I'm not sure what other girls do on dance bookings but I came from a dancer background so I live it up on stage and own it! I always wear a smile and dance my booty off.

What are some of the most memorable costumes you’ve used while dancing?

My custom made Jacquie costumes. They are my prized possessions.

What made you want to focus on feature dancing as opposed to shooting sex scenes? Can you make more money dancing now that tube sites have destroyed the adult industry’s former business model?

The tube sites have definitely killed the adult movie industry. The days of just being a porn star are over. You have to feature dance, run your website, webcam, and do online auctions and stuff like that now to make it.

You used to live in LA to be closer to porn valley. You now live in Richmond. Did you move to Virginia for a guy or just because you can live anywhere in the country and fly out to feature dance at different clubs every week?

When the adult industry started to slow down when a lot of the tube sites came around and I saw my work flow slow down, I moved back east. It was probably the best decision I made. I love living in Virginia. It's a big city but very low key at the same time. I can fly out to LA whenever I want and it also makes it easier for me to fly out for my dance bookings.

A lot of promiscuous young women get tattoos of Playboy bunnies because they think it makes them sexy but classy. What kind of 19 year old were you that you got a “heartbreaker” tattoo on your ass to match the tattoo of your favorite porn star at the time, Jenna Jameson?

I loved Jenna! She was my idol and I thought that tattoo was so hot! I was a bit of a wild child so I went out with a copy of hers and got it in the same exact spot, my right butt cheek.

You’ve mentioned in other interviews, particularly in reference to the film, Briana Loves Jenna, that Briana Banks can out fuck Jenna. What was it about Jenna that you looked up to? Just the fact that she was the face of the porn industry in the rise of the Internet age? Have you since met Jenna and told her about your tattoo?

Pretty much the fact that she was the face of the porn industry at the time. I have met her a couple of times since I've been in the industry but can't say I was all that impressed. Ehhh ... It is what it is!

You’ve said you won’t sleep with a guy whose dick is under seven inches. Have you ever walked out on a guy when you found out he wasn’t large enough for your standards?

No, I'm not that mean. If you're lucky enough to make it home with me, I'm not kicking you out because your dick is small. He must have been hot, a smooth talker or I really liked him if I didn't kick him out. Hahahaha!

Have you ever done a feature dance routine as a NY Giants cheerleader?

Hahahaha. No, but I should. They need me as a cheerleader.

There are a lot of photos of you on the Giant’s field before games. Have you fucked any Giants players yet?

I don't kiss and tell.

You started fooling around with girls when you were in Catholic school. I’ve heard this same story again and again from porn stars. What is it about Catholic schools that foster such promiscuity? Do the rules and restrictions make rebelling seem more taboo and enticing? Or is it just that teenagers’ sexuality will find an outlet, and if that sexuality is contained to an all girls school, it will be expressed in the form of lesbian encounters?

I'm not sure either. I think all girls are curious whether they go to Catholic school or not. I believe all women have some sort of curiosity when it comes to fooling around with another girl.

You love to take photos of yourself on leg day at the gym. Why do you never post any photos of you doing Bikram Yoga—bending in weird positions in nothing but skintight yoga pants?

I have posted pictures of me in yoga shorts but most of the time whenever I try to get in the yoga room alone there is always someone in there meditating or something so they are blocking me from getting my mirror shots. Hahaha.

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