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Christie Stevens keeps her optimistic eyes open for the money shot

The porn star on how fake eyelashes double as protective eyewear, phone sex with fans, using her college degree in porn, and how her ballet training informs her strip teases.

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Christie Stevens has been training to be a porn star her entire life. The busty blonde from Orange County, Cali., grew up perfecting her body and learning how to use it to wow an audience while training in ballet. In college, her dancing pay-rolled her tuition. By day she worked toward a bachelor's degree in mass communications with an emphasis in public relations. By night she earned an unofficial degree in the art of seducing men for profit while stripping. After graduation, Stevens sat for the LSAT, but something about the test didn't sit right with her. She didn't want to go from the bright lights of dancing center stage to sitting behind a cubicle in suffocating business wear. Instead of enrolling in law school, Stevens decided to profit off her skill set. She started shooting porn in December of 2011 and hasn't looked back. I caught up with Stevens at the LA Direct Booth during Exxxotica 2013 in Ft. Lauderdale.

In every photo I see of you, you have huge eyelashes. I imagine fake eyelashes would be horrible for facials.

I just rip the eyelashes off. They aren't extensions. They are the cheap ones you buy at the store ... Actually, they are kind of good for facials. They stop the cum from getting in my eyes. They are cum stoppers. They protect my eyes.

You are taking acting classes in LA. Do any of your classmates know you're a porn star?

Only my teacher. She used to teach Traci Lords when she got into mainstream acting. My teacher's cool with me being in the adult industry. We just don't tell the other class members so it doesn't become a distraction.

So you've never been practicing a scene where like the pizza deliver guy comes in and you forget what kind of acting you're doing?

[Laughs] No. I don't practice porn scenes. I practice one hour dramas, film, hosting, commercials—that kind of stuff.

I read that you were practicing for your first anal scene? What does that involve, just butt plugs and anal sex off camera?

Not even anal sex off camera. Just butt plugs. Or I'll get a dildo and fuck myself with it.

Do you sleep with butt plugs in before an anal scene?

No. You don't need to sleep with them in. Just a few hours the night before.

Christie Stevens at the 2013 AVNs
When did you start shooting anal scenes?

November of 2012.

Have you done anything more extreme than anal?

Not really. I did a boy/girl/girl anal scene.

Have you checked gangbang or DP off your "fuck-it list"?

No, I'm saving those for marriage. [Laughs] Just kidding. I am saving them though.

Would you practice a DP ahead of time in your personal life?

Well, I can already fuck with a butt plug in my ass and a guy fucking my pussy so ... It's not something you'd need to practice. I've done boy/boy/girl scenes a lot. I've done the plug in my ass and a guy fucking my pussy. I'll be fine. If you get two guys who know what they are doing, you'll be fine.

You did ballet and you stripped in college. Have you feature danced yet?

I featured danced once. I am still somewhat new to the industry. I've been in it just a year and a half. Right now I want to focus on getting more content out before I really take the dive into feature dancing. I danced for six years in college so I wanted a little break. I was a bit worn out. I'll really focus on it in another year or two.

How well does ballet training transfer to strip teases?

Very well. It is all about grace, elegance, pointing your toes, keeping your shoulders down, rhythm, movement, discipline.

What songs will you feature dance to?

Just good techno. You'll have to come see me to find out.

Has your bachelor's degree in mass communication helped you promote and market yourself?

Definitely. I hired a PR person because I wasn't familiar with this industry. My rep has been in the industry 10 plus years. But, my degree in general has helped me as far as social networking and networking at events. It also helped me to realize that I needed a publicist in the first place.

In an article you wrote for, you describe yourself as an "eternal optimist." Have you always been an optimist or did you have to teach yourself the power of positive thinking?

I taught myself. I've always been an optimist. I had my rebellious years when I was around 17 to 20. Everyone goes through a little rebellion. I went through a bit of a darker time, but at some point I was like, "This isn't me. This is not what I want." I just switched gears and was like, "I’m going to be positive." It's all in your mind.

In your article for, you describe how the adult industry is not dying. It is just evolving and industry professionals need to evolve with it in order to find new ways to make money. Do you think that the challenges the industry is facing have attracted a different kind of porn star? Perhaps a more educated or business-minded porn star?

The type of people who will survive and make it in this market are the ones who are serious about it and who are going to school or who already have degrees. Also, because the whole MILF niche has exploded, we are getting more women who are not necessarily older, but more mature. They elevate the level of professionalism. You don't just have 18 to 25 year olds anymore. You have 18 to 45 year olds.

Other than filming sex scenes, what other potential revenue streams do you see for the adult industry?

Coming to conventions and selling your merchandise. Feature dancing is big. You can get more fans and make more money that way. Promote yourself. Starting your own website. Hosting parties. Appearances. Verified Call is another one. The company routes phone calls from our fans directly to our cellphone. It's a pay per minute thing.

Are you often doing something mundane when fans calls, like laundry?

Oh yeah.

Is it standard phone sex or do fans want to know about you personally?

It’s not always sexual. Sometimes they just want to talk and get to know you, like you are doing right now. They ask me about my life or what music I listen to.

Would you say sex scenes now are almost a way of advertising. A way to get fans to pay to interact with you in person, over the phone, on webcam, or at a strip club?

To a certain degree, though the scenes are definitely a big part of my income. Also you do want those box covers and those big movies to get your momentum going.

What films do you have coming out?

Cock Sucking Sluts 17.

Interesting title. What happens in that movie?

Jayden Lee and I give Mike Adriano a blow job. A really dirty one. My first parody came out recently. The Dirty Dancing XXX parody. I played Penny, the slutty girl who gets pregnant. I have a great cream pie scene in there. I also have the Lone Ranger parody coming out. Both are by Juicy Entertainment. With Evil Angel I have American Cock Sucking Sluts 3. Wow, that's a mouthful.

Yes it is.

Follow Christie Stevens on Twitter at @IluvChristie. She can be booked through LA Direct Models.

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