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Mitch Perry Report 9.13.13 - 5 years after Lehman, Rick Scott blames Charlie Crist for Florida's economic downturn

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Almost exactly five years to the day the announcement that Lehman Brothers had declared bankruptcy shook the world economy, Rick Scott told a group of invited political insiders in Orlando that Florida “never should have had that downturn."

Media accounts don't tell us if those in attendance sat quietly and nodded their heads, or started cracking up.

Scott's comments at the Sayfie Review Florida Leaders Summit are being touted as a shot across the bow at potential Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, who of course preceded Scott in the governor's mansion when Florida's economy - like the rest of the country, and a good portion of the world - tanked massively.

Actually Florida's downturn started at the end of the Jeb Bush era, when housing prices maxed out. That was followed by the subprime mortgage crises, and then 2008 and Lehman, AIG and TARP. But as Scott campaigns (without any dissent from Democrats) for 2014, can his propaganda mantra that "it's working" really work? It may, if no one calls him out on it.

Well the Tampa Bay Times Paul Tash finally admitted the inevitable: his media organization is now going to install a paywall on the paper's website. Will it work? It has for some valuable properties, not so well for others. But your online reading habits may change because of it.

Some readers might recall the backlash in Eastern Hillsborough County towards Commissioner Al Higginbotham and the rest of the County Commission earlier this summer regarding a zoning change that would allow a Walmart of a similar type business to be built in their neighborhood. Now as CL's George Niemann reports, the residents are continuing to fight that prospect.

CL attended a debate amongst the candidates for City Council in St. Petersburg the other night.

And our feature this week in the current CL is all about Commissioner Victor Crist's attempt to stave off the latest calls to kill the troubled Public Transportation Commission in Hillsborough County.

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