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This weekend @ The Movies: Spring Breakers, GIFF, Olympus Has Fallen and more …

Spring is here, and it's brought with it the best weekend for cinema so far in 2013.

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This is it, movie fans — the weekend you have been waiting for. After a long winter of boring, silly, awful movies, spring has arrived and brought with it the best weekend for cinema that 2013 has seen so far. In addition to a bumper crop of new releases, the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF) is still in town, making this a must-go-to-the-cinema weekend for all the film fans out there.

Speaking of GIFF: Saturday is notable at the festival for two reasons. 1. Five of the six documentaries in competition are screening on Saturday (check out my Giff Doc rundown here), and 2. Saturday night features the "closing night" Rockabilly Revival Party at the former site of Stump's Supper Club. Though a pricey ticket ($75 in advance, $100 day of), admission gets you open bar and food, and the chance to rub elbows with filmmakers, local dignitaries and Tampa Bay's glitterati. How can you pass that up?

Meanwhile, over at your favorite multiplex, five movies are opening today, including Spring Breakers, which was shot in St. Petersburg and prominently features some notable local landmarks. …


I reviewed Spring Breakers, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. It's the must-see movie of this weekend, and the best one I've seen so far in 2013. From my review:

Riding deafening hype, Spring Breakers arrives with a built-in ad campaign: come watch as the guy who wrote Kids defiles a bunch of Disney princesses with the help of James Franco. And everything about this movie, from the skimpy neon bikinis to the copious amounts of drugs and guns, screams illicit thrill. It would be one thing if Spring Breakers were only interested in titillation, but there’s a brain at work inside this beautiful body, even if it does tend to fixate on our most basic instincts.

Spring Breakers not your thing? There's plenty of other options:

Looking for something for the whole family, including the little ones? CL Contributor Katelyn Williamson recommends The Croods, which she calls "A fun, yet shallow movie that families will love." Katy also says, "The Croods follows a basic and predictable storyline but the wackiness of the universe and the familial conflict will easily keep you interested for an hour and a half. It’s no Pixar feature, lacking in depth and relevant cultural references, but it’s cute and fun to just look at.

The White House goes BOOM …
  • The White House goes BOOM …
Action fans will get a kick out of Olympus Has Fallen, which CL Contributor Anthony Salveggi reviewed, saying "Almost nothing here is believable, including the raid on the White House, but the whole shebang is staged and acted with conviction. It's a live-action comic book, and seen through that prism, Olympus Has Fallen entertains."

Less successful as a movie but still worth a look is Stoker, starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode and Mia Wasikowska. Anthony Salveggi reviewed this one too, saying, "There are hints of the Hitchcock influence, particularly Frenzy (where the weapon of choice was a necktie; here it’s a belt). And like Hitchcock’s films, Stoker also boasts flashes of visual wit."

And, finally, the one new release you should avoid this weekend is Admission, starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. I hated this one, calling Admission, "A movie that wants to be dramatic and hilarious, but ends up undercutting both while succeeding at neither."

Now get out there and see some movies!

Spring Breakers Red Band Trailer:

The Croods trailer:

Olympus Has Fallen trailer:

Stoker trailer:

Admission trailer:

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