Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The hair up there: Freaks & Beards

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Don't think you've gone unnoticed, casual businessman with the full-on '70s beard.

Nor you, super hipster at the underground concert with three, well-coiffed ponytails hanging off of your chin. Facial hair on men has always had a sort of love it, or hate it quality to it (Porn? Bad; Lumberjack? Good).

However, a recent surge in popularity is bringing the beard back into the spotlight. In vein of IFC's Whisker Wars, the Freaks & Beards competition, sideshow, and carnival hits St. Pete for a wild, facial-follicle fracas. With categories ranging from “Full Beard”, to “Free Style”, and even, “Bearded Lady” (Exactly as it sounds), Freaks & Beards is a must for the beard enthusiast.

There is even a moustache category, sponsored by the Dali Museum, as one would imagine it should be. Considered “magic for people with questionable taste,” 20 Penny Circus will provide a bit of demented slight of hand, and Mermaid Raven will also be on hand with a 1,000 gallon tank with real, live mermaids (with beards? You'll have to attend and find out). Freaks & Beards represents a resurgence of the manly man in all of us, with enough of a side of sin and carnage to celebrate all things badass. And goat faces.

Freaks & Beards is Sat., March 2, 6-11 p.m., at The Bends, 919 First Ave. N; St. Petersburg, Arlington Avenue directly behind The Bends; $10 event entry, $5 beard competition category entry,

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