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Mitch Perry Report 1.28.13 - GOP sees the light (and electoral map) on immigration

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I trust all of you who ventured near downtown Tampa on Saturday survived Gasparilla, the annual drunkfest that city leaders proudly embrace each year...personally I'm just happy I survived the 2013 influenza, a virulent virus that rocked my world for a few days last week, though hopefully the results weren't too manifest as I continued to write up posts for this blog.

Anybody catch that much-hyped CBS' 60 Minutes interview last night with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. My question is: what the hell happened to Steve Kroft? The usually dependable tough interview wasted the whole first block of the two-segment feature by acting as if two of our biggest political figures were still in high school, beginning his piece by saying he never could have imagined he'd be hosting such an interview five years ago. That's the problem, Steve, 5 years ago the two top Democrats were at each other's throats as they competed for the 2008 nomination for president. But Obama won and named Clinton his Secretary of State. A lot has happened since then. We finally got to some of that in the second block, but why waste the 30-minutes he said he was alloted to focus on personality questions that the two have already asked and answered?

Today reportedly GOP Senators will unveil their "blueprint" for a plan on immigration, and based on interviews yesterday, they're extremely motivated to have something of substance happen, finally, on this issue.

Immigration is one thing, restrictions on assault weapons is something else completely. Yesterday California Senator Diane Feinstein said she realizes that the odds are long against her, but it won't deter her effort.

And on Saturday Tampa's Alan Clendenin lost out to Tallahassee lobbyist and fundraiser Allison Tant in their intense battle for Florida Democratic chair.

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