Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pancakes meet Grindcore in six-year-old's song

Posted By on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 11:06 AM

Sockweb, a grindcore project concocted by father Adam "Blackula" Young and six-year-old daughter Joanie "Bologna" Young released their debut single "I want pancakes" to internet fanfare this week.

"Bologna" came up with the band name, and wrote the lyrics for "I want pancakes", while Dad helped put the tune to grindcore music. It's hardcore, endearing, and chances are you'll want pancakes by the end.


I want pancakes
I want hot chocolate
I want cereal
I think that's all I want
I want window
I want macaroni
I want pizza
Give them to me right now
There is a witch
I want to play a game, right now
I will never eat again but you will give me the ipod, I want to play a game
Ok I will play the game
No way, you are grounded
No I aint
Yes you are
Quit your laughing
I don't care, I will do what I want
No you wont, if you do, you're grounded forever

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