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Hillsborough School District not the only one putting armed officers in all schools

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Monday marked the first day of school for most of the nation's elementary and high school students. In Hillsborough County, that meant armed police officers outside all of the county's elementary schools at a cost of $2 million.

They're not the only ones. Williamson County in Tennessee is spending $2.5 million to place armed officers in all of their schools, while Marlboro, New Jersey, took pride last week in becoming the first such community to place armed officials in New Jersey schools.

The trend is spreading nationally, even though liberals and the media elite mocked the National Rifle Association for suggesting arming officers at every school in the nation a week after the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., which saw the lives of 20 young kids shot to death by a crazed gunman.

A Rasmussen poll released last week showed that 54 percent of Americans prefer to have armed officers in the schools. That number rises to 62 percent amongst those parents who have kids in schools.

An essay in Sunday's New York Times written by science reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal took strong exception to the notion that more guns equals more safety, referring to some Latin American countries that feature armed guards gracing "every office lobby, storefront, A.T.M. restaurant and gas station."

"A society that is relying on guys with guns to stop violence is a sign of a society where institutions have broken down," said Rebecca Peters, former director of the International Action Network on Small Arms. "It's shocking to hear anyone in the United States considering a solution that would make it seem more like Colombia."

As guns proliferate, legally and illegally, innocent people often seem more terrorized than protected.

On Fox News Sunday, Forbes contributing editor Nina Eason said that the public wants armed officers in the schools, as well as more gun regulations.

EASTON: Yeah, but the American people are actually quite smart in that poll. Wayne LaPierre was saying armed guards instead any kind of controls on guns. The American people — look, they are supportive of gun control. If you go back and you look at studies and impact of gun control, there are not a lot that shows it works in terms of controlling violence. But there is one case where it did work, and that's Australia where there was a mass shooting in the 90s, 35 tourist were killed. They put in an assault weapons ban that was much stricter than it was here. And did a buy back program.

Politically, I agree it would be tough sledding here. But it would get guns that put multiple bullet holes in these children at Newton, out of the system.

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