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Mitch Perry Report 12.5.12: "Republicans not handling election results well"

Plus: The Lens, Light Rail and more …

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The headline comes from a dispatch from Public Policy Polling, the polling firm that is always identified as being "Democratic leaning," which is probably a fair assessment. However, it was also deemed the most
accurate national pollster during the 2012 campaign by Fordham University.

So let's assume this latest survey from PPP is accurate: That 49 percent of 49% of GOP voters nationally say they think that ACORN stole the election for President Obama. As PPP drolly notes, this is just a 3 percent drop from 2008 - when ACORN actually existed.

What are we to make of this? There's the obvious: that 51 percent of the GOP doesn't think that ACORN (or presumably anybody else) "stole" the election for the president? The poll also says that since the election, there's been a five point drop in people identifying themselves as Republicans, and five percent more saying they're Democrats.

We should add that there were a good percentage of Democrats who thought there were shenanigans at play in losing Ohio, and thus the entire presidential election, in 2004. The alleged culprit then in that relatively close election (2.5 percentage point difference) was the voting machines.

But it's interesting how many of the House Republicans represent districts that overwhelmingly still believe somehow, someway, that Obama's re-election is illegitimate. That may be a problem in bringing the Congress together and finding a way out of the fiscal cliff.

In other news: we are at St. Petersburg's City Hall for hours yesterday afternoon, watching the presentation of the new Lens design from architect Michael Maltzan.

Light rail dead in Hillsborough County? For now it is, but the staff over at the Hillsborough Metropolitan Organization presented a scenario for a possible line running from downtown to USF yesterday, a line that they say could win the support from the Hillsborough County public if presented as a half-cent sales tax.

And we met up with Mary Anne Hitt, the Director of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign earlier this week. She was in the Bay area for the grand opening of the Club's new state headquarters at the net-zero energy building in St. Pete, and came to CL's offices to talk about how the country is relying on alternative sources at the greatest levels ever for our energy needs.

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