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Mitch Perry Report 11.15.12 - The last anti-fluoride vote flips in Pinellas County

Posted by on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 8:11 AM

And now there are none.

Last week Pinellas County voters ousted two incumbent Republicans - Nancy Bostock and Neil Brickfield - whose votes to remove fluoride from the drinking water supply last year fueled a tremendous backlash that resulted in their losses at the ballot box.

Days later, the third of the four anti-fluoride commissioners, Norm Roche, announced that he had seen the light and would reverse his vote, and yesterday that fourth vote, John Morroni, told the Tampa Bay Times Anna Phillips that "I made a mistake and, you know, I listen to the public."

How will activists in Pinellas who dominated the public hearing portion of those fluoride discussions react? In strong part, their vocal enthusiasm for removing fluoride from the water supply gave those commissioners the courage to vote against what most of the medical establishment had told them would be extremely detrimental to public health. We look forward to seeing that reaction next week.

Across the Bay in Tampa, is it just me or does the "Tampa Socialite" scandal seem to be losing some steam? The Tampa FBI agent involved in this saga was outed last night, with his friends emphasizing that reports that he had the hots for Natalie Khawam appear to be great exaggerated. In any event, former Governor Charlie Crist had to answer questions about whether he had ever dated Ms. Khawam.

Crist was in downtown Tampa yesterday to join St. Pete House Democrats Darryl Rouson and Dwight Dudley advocate for legislation that would reform Florida's electoral system, just the latest call to fix the state's voting systems in the wake of the latest debacle.

And a group of British youth were in the Tampa Bay area recently working with both presidential campaigns. CL's Michael Newberger reports.

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