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Silver jewelry and scary Stories: Trunk Show features Paranormal Statestar

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Paranormal State star Katrina Weidman will be at Cozettes Boutique Saturday afternoon.
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  • "Paranormal State" star Katrina Weidman will be at Cozette's Boutique Saturday afternoon.

Lion's Mouth Imports sells silver jewelry, leather bags and other goods, and would like you to associate them with words like "handmade" and "unique." But at their upcoming trunk show at Cozette's Boutique in St. Petersburg, you could also consider some other words.
"Spooky" and "paranormal" might come to mind.

Those words don't reflect the style and design of their wares, but the star power they've signed up for the event. Katrina Weidman, cast member of Paranormal State on the A&E cable network, and host of Real Fear on Chiller TV, will be on hand at the trunk show for a meet and greet with customers and fans. Weidman arrived in the Bay area earlier this week for a photo shoot featuring Lion's Mouth accessories.

Steve Mohr, owner of Lion's Mouth Imports, said that having Weidman in town for the event is a good way to promote the trunk show, which will feature dozens of silver and leather hand-crafted items. And Weidman was happy to accommodate: With plenty of experience in the paranormal her shows involve investigations of suspected spirit or demonic activity, including stories that inspired famous horror films she enjoys sharing true tales with fans and others who might have experienced unexplained phenomenon themselves.

"People are always telling me their stories," Weidman said. "It's very cool. I'm very grateful to everyone who has given their support to what I do."

What Weidman does is delve into the stories and lives of those who have dealt with (and often suffered from) what they claim to be ghosts, demonic possession, haunted locations or other activity. Some have suffered physical pains, family problems including separation and divorce, and in some cases thoughts of suicide. She said those case studies can cause stress on not just the subjects, but the people conducting the investigation who open themselves up to those troubled lives and experiences. "Investigating might not be for everyone. You have to really have a strong sense of yourself, and be able to have that separation from your work and the people you're helping," she advised.

But for those who insist on taking up the cause themselves, Weidman said it's important to work with people you trust completely and never make assumptions before completing your research or field work. She also explained that there's no set number of members that make up an effective team, but you need enough people to cover the kind of investigations you want to do: Some groups simply want to record and review evidence, while others might need a doctor, psychologist, historian and several people with the ability to analyze findings. Finally, Weidman advises bringing an open mind to each investigation. "You always have to be on your toes and be prepared for anything," she said.

With only a few days in town, Weidman won't get to do any paranormal investigating on this trip. But since every city she visits has a growing interest in local ghostly activity (Cozette's Boutique happens to be close to a local ghost tour) she'd like to take time in the future to give it a more thorough look. "I'd love to come back and explore the city more, and definitely get the history and the stories," she said.

Cozette's Boutique is located at 645 Central Ave. Unit 1 in St. Petersburg. The trunk show runs from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. A portion of the profits from the event will go to, a nonprofit organization that helps provide safe water and sanitation to challenged areas around the world. For more information about Lion's Mouth Imports, visit

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