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Keeping your sex life alive with The Lovers' Guide

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I've received hundreds of PR pitches for books, DVDs, sex toys and sexperts that all allegedly offer the "secrets" to improving a couples' sex life. The sheer volume of this content suggests two things: 1) No matter how fiery a relationship is in the beginning, it's natural for a couple's sex life to suffer under the strain of time and monotony. 2) There's no single "secret" to maintaining a satisfying relationship. In fact, the closest I've found to a universal truth for reviving a fading relationship is that couples must make a conscious effort to find what works.

For some couples, The Lovers' Guide video series may be a good first step to discovering the secret spark that reignites passion. The original video series was re-released this month in two box sets, each containing five DVDs:

The Original Collection offers fundamental information on maintaining a satisfying sex life in "The Original Lovers' Guide" (1991), "Making Sex Even Better" (1992), "Better Orgasms for Women" (1993), "Better Orgasms for Men" (1993), and "The Essential Lovers' Guide" (1995).

The Essential Collection presents slightly more current and advanced material in "Secrets of Sensational Sex" (1999), "What Women Really Want" (2002), "Sex Play" (2004), "Sexual Positions" (2003), and "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (2005).

Be warned that this video series is not meant to be erotic, nor does it intend to present the fantasy of sex, as is often the goal of porn. While the camera does not shy away from penetration, the focus is on presenting sex in a responsible and realistic way. While erotic videos may satisfy your sexual appetite for a day, The Lovers' Guide strives to offer tools that will lead to a lifetime of fulfilling sex.

Like the sex scenes, the advice is simple, straightforward and relatively tame. The series is ideal for couples who are new to sex, those whose bedroom activities could be described as traditional, or older couples trying to rekindle their passion. I would even go so far as to say that parents could give this series to their teenagers as a healthy and realistic alternative to the skewed version of sex they get through Internet porn.

In the end, even if the series doesn't answer every question, at the very least it will open up lines of communication about sex, and provide couples with plenty of things to test out in the bedroom.

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