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Do we need a crystal ball to run Hillsborough County?

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Apparently one of the candidates running for Hillsborough County Commission thinks so.

Margaret Iuculano is running against incumbent Kevin Beckner for the Countywide Commission/District 6 seat. She is selling herself as a successful business person with the skills and business acumen necessary to manage the county’s multi-billion dollar budget.

Recent articles have shed a sobering light on her proficiency as a business manager. She’s had commercial property foreclosures, tax warrants for unpaid taxes, as well as, bankruptcies.

But new information that’s come to light may end up showing that she’s not the one that made all those bad business decisions. It was her crystal ball that screwed up.

A brief study of Margaret reveals that she consults with a “corporate psychic” when she makes those tough business decisions.

This article regarding corporate psychics in MediaQuire gives an account of how Margaret connects with the hereafter in making big decisions…

Margaret was running out of time. She needed to make a decision quickly: Should she re-sign the lease for the Tampa headquarters of her IT training firm, TechSherpas? Or should she purchase a new building?

She struggled with the choice; she didn’t know what to do

But Victoria Lynn Weston knew. “This afternoon, you will meet with a man named Kevin from Wachovia”, Iuculano recalls Weston telling her. “He’ll approve a loan to buy a new property, and you’ll end up purchasing it.” Later that day, Iuculano received the financing. The Bank was Wachovia. She eventually acquired the property. And yes, the representative’s name was Kevin.

Sounds pretty cool. Oh, but was that one of the properties that went belly up later on? So the problem may be that the hereafter can’t fully assess market volatility. Or maybe the crystal ball gets a little cloudy and the predictions get a little murky, as a result.

If Margaret gets elected will the county let her bring the crystal ball to county commission meetings and sit it up on the dais so we can all get a glimpse of the future?

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