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Honey badger enters 2012 presidential race

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There are many ways to not give a shit.

This election season, Randall — narrator of the viral mock nature documentary about the honey badger — wants American voters to be like the tough-as-nails mammal when they go to the polls. As Randall famously said in the video, "The honey badger don't care."

Randall thinks the best way to do this is by voting for the honey badger, whose presidential "candidacy" was announced at Ybor City’s Roosevelt 2.0 on Aug. 28.

Randall (last name not given) isn't joking, either.

The environmental advocate said he doesn't mean that people shouldn't give a shit about politics — quite the contrary, actually. He wants voters to care so much that they fearlessly choose the leaders that represent their interests, instead of settling for a well-funded candidate who seems less evil.

"All we have right now are two different people telling us what’s best for us," he said.

Wearing an enormous pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and a vintage tweed jacket, he urged the several dozen in attendance to write-in the badger on the 2012 presidential ticket.

For Roosevelt 2.0 co-founder Bryan Roberts, having his space serve as the animal's campaign headquarters was a no-brainer.

"We're using humor to bring to light some very serious issues," he said.

Roberts and his 2.0 cohorts came up with Honey Badger 2012 after seeing a bumper sticker touting the animal.

"Eleven days ago, we were sitting and talking about the RNC coming to town," Roberts said.

He added that seeing the bumper sticker set off a conversation about the sad state of affairs of mainstream politics. What better symbol of environmental conservation than a threatened species known for its chutzpah?

So they scoured the Internet for contact info and found a number for Randall's agent, whom Roberts said, "was so impressed by it that he got Randall on the phone."

"In 11 days, we managed to create this campaign," he said.

Many Democrats will say that supporting a candidate other than the mainstream choice is suicide, and they'll probably point out the Obama administration's accomplishments like the Lily Ledbetter Act and the Affordable Care Act — a.k.a. Obamacare — as evidence.

But some think Democrats aren't as bold on issues like the environment as they should be.

"Republican or Democrat, I think people's voices aren't being heard anymore," Roberts said.

Randall, who will serve as the honey badger's press secretary, said corporate influence on both Republicans and Democrats has led to policies that cause poverty and environmental degradation.

"It's as simple as this: If we keep continuing at this rate, we're just going to run out of all these resources," he said.

The Honey Badger 2012 Campaign will be run out of Roosevelt 2.0, as will a sustainable living campaign involving locally-sourced food and drink, water conservation, and waste-to-energy conversion via a system called Cordis.

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