Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mitch Perry Report — Rubio & Christie get star turns at RNC

Pus: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes after Paul Ryan and more …

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It was revealed last night (and officially affirmed earlier this morning ) that Chris Christie will give the Keynote speech at the RNC in two weeks, while Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney in what will be the presumptive nominee's most important speech of his life 16 days from now in Tampa.

A couple of thoughts here: One is, the New York Daily News was on target when they originally reported the news about Christie weeks ago; The story was shot down immediately, but proved correct. The delegates will be psyched, no doubt, to hear the tough-talking New Jersey Governor take down the president.

Maybe I'm on an island on this, but why not Rubio for the big moment? Sure, he gets to introduce Mitt, which means that the cable networks, who generally will be jabbing away with the speakers in the background (if you really want to hear the speakers at the convention while watching from home, watch C-SPAN, and only C-SPAN), will turn their focus on the Florida Senator as he sets the stage for Romney (making sure not to overshadow him).

I guess it's the Democrats who traditionally like to have the keynote speaker be an up and comer in the party (think of Bill Clinton in 1988, Barack Obama in 2004, and Julian Castro this year). Both Christie and Rubio are young, but if you had to bet who might go farther in the GOP, wouldn't it be Rubio? Maybe not. In any event, they're the two biggest speakers other than the candidates who will be speaking in Tampa later this month.

There promises to be lots of superstar Republicans the day before the RNC begins at Ralph Reed's confab just announced yesterday that will take place at the Tampa Theater.

The Democratic/Obama For America folks have been nothing if not relenting in their attacks on Mitt Romney during this presidential campaign. And now that they have a new target, Paul Ryan, and in his infamous budget. Late yesterday afternoon, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her feisty colleague, Wisconsin Representative Gwen Moore blasted Ryan's budget as they traveled via bus across the state at the same time that Romney was campaigning across the state (sans Ryan).

And in Tampa, the attorney representing the parents of Javon Neal, the black teen shot and killed by Tampa Police last month when they say he refused to stop pointing a gun pointed at them, is extremely frustrated by what he says is a lack of cooperation by the police in his own investigation of the death. Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober has exonerated the two officers involved in Neal's shooting.

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