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Glossary of acronyms and abbreviations in personal ads

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The popularity of abbreviations and acronyms in personal ads developed as a byproduct of newspapers charging customers per letter. Even though personal ads have largely moved online to places like Craigslist and dating websites, these acronyms are still used as a kind of dater's language. Feel free to add suggestions or corrections in the comments section below.

ASL: age state location
ASL: age sex location
B&D, B/D: bondage and discipline
BB: barebacking
BB: bodybuilder
BBC: big black cock, or big black cunt
BBW: big beautiful woman
BF: boyfriend
bf: black female
BHM: big handsome man
Bi: bisexual
BiF: bisexual female
BiM: bisexual male
BMW: big Mexican woman
CD: cross-dresser
D/D: drug and disease
D/s: dominance and submission
DDF: drug and disease free
DTF: down to fuck
DL: down low
Dom: male dominant
Domme: female dominant
DTE: down to earth
DWF: divorced white female
DWM: divorced white male
FTM: female to male (transsexual)
FWB: friend with benefits
GAM: gay asian man
GBM: gay black male
GF: gay female
GF: girlfriend
GG: genetic girl
GHM: gay Hispanic male
GSOH: good sense of humor
GWC: gay white couple
GWF: gay white female
GWM: gay white male
Het: heterosexual
HWP: height weight proportional
IRL: in real life
ISO: in search of
LTR: long term relationship
M4M: fan for man
M4MW: man for man and woman
M4T: male for transsexual
M4T: male for transvestite
M4W: man for woman
MBC: married black couple
MBiC: married bisexual couple
MHC: married Hispanic couple
MOTOS: member of the opposite sex
MOTSS: member of the same sex
MTF: male-to-female (transsexual)
MW4M: man and woman for man
MW4MW: man and woman for man and woman
MW4W: man and woman for woman
MWC: married white couple
NS: nonsmoking
NSA: no strings attached
PNP: party and play
RTS: real time sex
S&M, S/M: sadomasochism
SBF: single black female
SBiF: single bisexual female
SBiM: single bisexual male
SBM: single black male
STD: sexually transmitted disease
STI: sexually transmitted infection.
STR8: straight
sub, subbie, subby: submissive partner in BDSM
SWF: single white female
SWM: single white male
SWS: sex without strings
T4M: transvestite looking for male
TG: transgendered
TLC: tender loving care
TS: transsexual
TV: transvestite
TYVM: thank you very much
VAS: vasectomy
VGL: very good looking
W/E: well endowed
W/S: water-sports (fetish involving urine or enemas)
W4M: woman for man
W4MW: woman for man and woman
W4W: woman for woman
WLTM: would like to meet

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