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Which countries have the biggest boobs? (map)

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On average, US women have D-cup breasts
  • On average, US women have D-cup breasts
Judging boobs on size alone is like rating a restaurant based on portion size. When it comes to breasts, everyone has their own preference. With that said, a combination of size and perkiness seem to be the most popular criteria for judging boobs. While it may be difficult to measure perkiness, an estimate of size can be made by averaging the cup sizes of bras sold in each nation. Of course such a system has its flaws. It doesn't take into account the average age of the population, the frequency of breast implants, or the women who do not wear bras. Also, such a system ignores the general principle that the larger the cup size, the larger the woman. Breasts are not like penises; they expand with a woman's weight. As such, a measure of the countries with the largest cup sizes may simply be a measure of the nations with the largest women.

It is unclear exactly how the German newspaper,, came up with its "Atlas of Cup Sizes," though it is fairly certain that their map is not sanctioned by any global boob delegation. Nonetheless, it is still fun to get a feel for how the women of the world stack-up.

Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway seem to be packing the biggest breasts, with their women averaging larger than D-cup bras. The US ranked just below these nations, averaging D-cups. The smallest cup sizes belonged to countries in Asia and central Africa.


See how the men of the world stack up with this breakdown of penis size by country, as well as penis size by city and state.

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