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Best gay marriage post ever

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Alexandra Petri of the Washington Post
  • Erik Uecke
  • Alexandra Petri of the Washington Post

It happened. Just as we expected it would.

The sky fell.

Washington state passed same-sex marriage laws, and the Beast reared up in the east and swallowed several fishermen whole.

That's the opening of one of the best things ever written on the subject of gay marriage. It's by Alexandra Petri, it's on, and you should go read the whole thing.

The post ends with this should-be-inscribed-in-stone-somewhere passage, which may make you laugh, cry and nod your head sagely all at the same time:

Or can it be that these Ballyhooed World-Ending Calamitous Iniquities were just another set of dull milestones in the lives of other people that sometimes require you to send cards? That there are no monsters, only people? That all this fighting and sign-waving and motion and counter-motion by slow agonizing degrees has brought us not to the end of the Earth but — back where we started, to legislative halls and courthouses, where speeches are given and bills signed and a few pairs of eyes are wet? That nothing has happened that our grandchildren won’t laugh about? And when the dust clears, that nothing more alarming has occurred than that people have sought love, and found it, and had it recognized?

Surely that’s world-shaking enough.

Alexandra Petri, you rock. Let's hope your Republican Congressman father sends it to all his colleagues, past and future, including one or two current presidential candidates.

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