Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First sex toy launched into space still vibrating after crash landing (video)

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The adult industry has really stepped up its game when it comes to publicity stunts. First Pink Visual announced its plans to build an underground bunker where they will continue to produce porn after the apocalypse. Now just launched one of its bullet vibrators into space to prove how durable their product is.

On Saturday Oct 8, 2011,’s vibrating bullet floated into the heavens beneath a helium-filled, solar-powered ballon, reaching an estimated maximum altitude of 120,000 feet—approximately four times the cruising altitude of a jumbo jet. Powered by AA batteries, the vibrating bullet remained fully operational and vibrating for the entire 9-hour space voyage despite being exposed to temperatures of -75F. If this were not enough of a test of the toy's indestructibility, the parachute failed to open on the descent. The toy slammed down in what looks like a corn field at upwards of 60 miles per hour, and it was still vibrating.

“This is really just a stepping stone to do more interesting experiments with sex toys," Dave, the CEO of said in a press release. "The success of this launch has our team planning the next space endeavor — we may be launching a sex doll into space to serve as an extraterrestrial representative [carrying] the slogan, ‘We Come in Peace’.”

The adventurous vibrator will be auctioned off on with proceeds benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness.

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