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Two favorites together at last: Craft beer ice cream!

Get a sugar high and a buzz in the same scoop.

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  • Frozen Pints
Move over Ben and Jerry! As if ice cream couldn't get any better, Frozen Pints Ice Cream out of Georgia is the first company (that I know of, at least) in the business of adding tasty craft beers to ice cream.

The idea for their product actually came about by accident, when one of the founders had beer spilled into their ice cream maker at a party. The result was hoppy and not half bad, thus the idea of mixing different flavored beers into ice cream came about and the rest is history.

Their flavors thus far include: Peach Lambic, Honey IPA, Brown Ale Chip, Cinnamon Espresso Stout, Vanilla Bock and Malted Milk Chocolate Stout. (And yes, they use real beer in the mix, so I wouldn't suggest giving this to the kids.) They also have a section on their website where folks can suggest flavors.

"We carefully craft each flavor to maximize the potential of a brew and bring out its best attributes. Sometimes we pair it with complementary flavors, using the freshest ingredients we can find. But we never mask the natural taste of the beer. It was our first love, after all," states their website.

Unfortunately, their products aren't available yet in retail stores — though they will be soon — but folks around in the Atlanta area can get their hands on the stuff as Frozen Pints has been showing up at many summer festivals and events.

In the meantime though, you can sate your craving for beer-flavored ice cream with a beer float! I like to use a chocolaty stout, or even Guinness, and pour it over a scoop of ice cream. Yeah, it's not exactly the same as Frozen Pints' ice cream, but it sure is tasty!

Check out the Frozen Pints website for more info.

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