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Whipped cream vodka: A surprisingly tasty trend (for girlie drink enthusiasts)

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Whipped cream. It's great on desserts, but what about as a cocktail mixer? Just add it to the ever-growing list of flavored liquors on the markets (and in the clubs) these days.

Upon first hearing about the whipped cream vodka, I scoffed at it, thinking it would be as vile as many of the cherry, berry, fruity tooty, acai, green tea, (fill in just about any fruit or candy flavor here) versions of flavored liquors out there geared toward the wine cooler drinking crowd and those who aren't satisfied with getting buzzed from a simple liquor/mixer cocktail (no offense).

When the flavor was first released in the Tampa Bay area by Pinnacle Vodka (according to my source), it was hard to find and even harder to keep on the shelves. Now, thanks to demand and the production of it by other liquor brands, it's rare to not be able to find it at most bars and clubs (with the exception of those establishments who take cocktails seriously).

Apparently, it's great with cola or Sprite, but really good mixed with orange juice. The latter concoction was how I was first instructed to try it and, being the curious drinker that I am, gave it a spin — equal parts whipped cream vodka and orange juice served over ice. It was fabulous. Why? It tastes just like an Orange Julius drink! Or, like an orange-vanilla creamsicle, for those of you not fortunate enough to have experienced an original Orange Julius.

If you don't mind the risk of ordering a "girlie drink", as some might see it, I dare you to give this a try. Just be careful because you could end up downing quite a few without realizing how much booze you've just consumed — they're addictive and you can barely taste the alcohol.

Now, I probably wouldn't go buying a bottle of the stuff to keep in my liquor cabinet at home, but it's great as a simple mixed cocktail to sip on when you're out on the town, living it up on a weekend night. Just don't go asking for it at a place like Fly Bar or SideBern's, as they'll probably look at you like you're nuts.

I also just found out that Pinnacle has just released a chocolate whipped cream flavor. The thought of this makes my inner "Woo! Girl" very excited and pondering all of the drink possibilities I can come up with for it the next time my girlfriends and I get together to go dancing.

As for the vodka-spiked whipped cream, I have yet to try it, but I bet it would be great on a an ice cream sundae or a chocolate stout-filled ice cream float. Or on a willing partner.

Pinnacle retails for about $14-18 for a 750 mL bottle.

Image via Pinnacle.

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