Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have a nice, round, bubble butt

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All of my life I have been plagued with this situation. No matter what I weighed - be it 110lbs or 130lbs - I have always had a bubble butt.  You may think that I hvve been blessed by the Gods with this glorious round booty, but  the fact is that sometimes it poses a real problem.

I recently ran across a post by Jeremy Gloff that he exclaims "what the hell is a bubble butt?"  He alluded to the fact that people are drawn in by a nice firm bubble butt and many claim to have one in dating ads, but what exactly constitutes a bubble butt is the mystery to him.

While we are all aware that dating ads are full of more misinformation than fact and know the truth will always be revealed at some point so then why do men and women  flock to the notion that they must have a  bubble butt to be sexy (or at least pretend)?

I won't tell you that my bubble butt hasn't garnered me plenty of attention and I admit that sometimes I will attempt to find clothing that accenuates that particular feature.  The problem is that I have spent years attempting to find that perfect pair of jeans to properly fit my full backside.  I have long said good-bye to ever wearing a pair of jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch or Bebe - which seem to be fitted to the shapeless pencil like figure.

Beyone simple accessories of the bubble is what is the exact purpose of a bubble.  From my recent experience the bubble butt is great for spanking.  And if you like to have a handful when doing a reach-around (the other way), the bubble butt is perfect for you.  Finally, when getting pounding from behind, a bubble butt offers a wonderful display of bounciness as well as cushion.

So what exactly is a bubble butt?  It's just a butt, with more junk.

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