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Eco chic: Stripper stilettos upcycled into planters and bookends

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click to enlarge stiletto planter

I am a big fan of crafty projects that repurpose things others would normally throw away: old t-shirts, jeans, light bulbs, etc., and turn them into eclectic, 'upcycled' home decor or wearable pieces of art. So, of course, the following project caught my eye (well, the shoes did first, then the actual project). Who would have thought to do something like this?

Actually, Giddy Spinster did -- a designer with a good eye for shoes and an ingenious idea. She gets hold of used, mile high stilettos and gives them new life as planters and bookends.

Mother Nature Network reports: "...her handiwork is quite remarkable: she removes the top of each shoe, sands it, drills holes for drainage, and places succulents or cacti in the makeshift planter using organic soil/fertilizer and plants from a certified organic grower in Berkeley. Each reclaimed stiletto planter, sold individually, costs in the ballpark of $55 to $80. For international customers who are barred from receiving plants through the mail, Giddy Spinster will create a sculptural DIY 'unplanted' shoe for $60."

click to enlarge stiletto bookends
Her reason for creating these upcycled works of art (besides making money) is to make a statement about women and femininity in today's society. She writes, "The concept is about hard-working women, the increasingly artificial nature of American femininity, and the impossible images that women face in our society. It's a prickly, spiky, sticky situation..."

So whether you're into postmodern feminism, eclectic home decor or you just have a fetish for stripper heels, these would make great conversation pieces in your home, or you could even attempt to make them yourself. And, as MNN's Matt Hickman sardonically states, they're also a "great gift for that, umm, skanky horticulturalist in your life."

Check out Giddy Spinster's stores on Cargoh, Etsy and her Facebook fan page.

Information via MNN and Giddy Spinster; photos via Giddy Spinster.

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