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The Diary of the Unemployed Housewife: Stripper shoes, you know you own a pair

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We headed over to a friend's house to watch the playoffs on Saturday night, teenager in tow. She brought along a couple of friends, thank god — I find that teenagers are much more self-contained when you travel with them in groups. Just feed them and they are pretty much maintenance-free. You just have to watch their volume level now and then; the bouts of hysterical girly laughter and "OMG's" can start to grate on one's nerves.

click to enlarge strippershoes
There is absolutely nothing like sitting around a patio table with several of your longtime girlfriends discussing how much has changed since you used to be club-hopping hotties. Now, the discussion revolves around kids, husbands, careers, and well, stripper shoes.

Yes, I said stripper shoes. You know exactly what I'm talking about, those too-high heels, possible clear plastic, or embellished with rhinestones that you bought for a friend's wedding, or maybe they are left over from your club-hopping days; regardless, these are the shoes that every husband loves.

One of my girlfriends had us in tears when she recalled a business trip she took last month. Her husband had planned on flying out to meet her for a little weekend getaway, and while they were finalizing the details of his travel, arrival and packing skills over the phone, he asked if she had brought along "the shoes." They had recently moved and the shoes happened to still be in storage. When her husband found this out, he made a mad dash to the storage unit and spent 2 hours digging through boxes in a manic-sweaty frenzy to locate the shoes before his flight.

Did she end up wearing the shoes on their weekend getaway? Um, no, but it's a great story isn't it? The main point here is that you have to keep your marriage alive, stripper shoes or not, and if for no other reason than to produce material that makes your girlfriends cry with laughter. So, dust off those shoes and bring a spark back to the marriage!

Leaving you with yet one more reason to buy more shoes,

The Unemployed Housewife

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