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Death of the g-spot 'myth'?

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Be honest. Have you or someone you know had trouble finding a woman's G-spot? Have you and your partner wasted hours that could have been put to more pleasurable pursuits trying to find that little bundle of nerves? Do you live in constant fear that your fingers will never uncurl from the "come hither" position magazines claim will help stimulate it (assuming you found it in the first place)?  I've had more than one partner declare that attempting to find the G-spot requires more time, patience, and equipment than searching for buried treasure. I can't comment because I've never had trouble locating it. But, if like many of my partners your search has thus far been unfruitful, don't worry; you're not alone.

A recent British study claims that the G-spot is all in our heads. Based on a survey of over 1,800 women, scientists at King's College London have concluded that the existence of the G- spot is actually a subjective one. They further conclude that the influence of magazines and sex therapists have made the myth a fixture in our sexual imaginations.

The objections to the methods used in this "study" have already started flying in. I'm no scientist, but I would hazard a guess that a survey isn't the best way to "prove" the existence or absence of a body part. Just because most of the 1,800 women in this survey claim they do not have a g-spot, this doesn't prove the g-spot doesn't exist.  That would be akin to saying that if the majority of these 1,800 women claimed to have never had a vaginal orgasm, that such things are impossible. At best it demonstrates that most British men, if not all men, have had difficulty finding this elusive love spot.

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