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Sustainability and spirituality

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I recently presented a speech on sustainability for a local Unitarian Universalist church in Odessa. The scenery was amazing: it was right near some old horse farms, the wind was blowing and when everyone was silent it was eerily peaceful. I had fun, though feeling a bit unprepared; sometimes I get anxious but my passion keeps me going. Every speech I do I learn something new about myself and about how others feel about sustainability and our future.

Shortly after the speech, I sat and had coffee to speak more personally with some of the dozens of attendees. Many came up to give condolences about how they felt their generation was leaving a world far worst off than it was given to them. Others had anger in their hearts about how the present administration is acting.

Video after the break:

In my heart I feel their pain but I don't blame or shame anyone for the challenges that my generation will have to face. Challenges are there for us to meet not be deterred by. We didn't go to the moon because it was easy, we went because it was a challenge worthy of our society. I hope we can come together to face these threats, rather than have them be brought upon us like Fascism in the 1940s. The societal impacts of peak oil and climate change should be a beacon for humanity coming together cooperatively.

Creating a peaceful and permanent society on this planet is the most worthy cause my generation can work towards. If you have a local organization or church you would like me to speak at you can contact me at zetazhan@gmail.com. I welcome the practice and the opportunity to meet new people!

Unitarian Universalist speech from Code Green Community on Vimeo.

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