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Fetish wrestling

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Four years of wrestling with high school boys in spandex forced me to realize a few things about myself and

my sexuality. While I discovered I had a taste for overpowering opponents, parading around in tights, and even enduring a certain amount of pain, for me these thrills never translated into the realms of sexual fetishism—but I definitely understand how they could.

As a boy I was a huge professional wrestling fan. My brother and I spent hours on our trampoline reenacting the theatric matches we watched each Saturday morning. Like many kids, we eventually lost interest in professional wrestling when we discovered that while the wrestlers were tremendous athletes, the matches were illusions.

For a long time I never understood why so many adults continued to follow these staged matches when there were alternatives like boxing and MMA fighting.  Then one day I found myself indulging in an awful action movie. I realized that I like the illusion of living through these invincible characters, of overpowering a platoon of trained soldiers and enduring torturous pain at the hands of a crazed villain.

Fetish wrestling fulfills these same needs. It provides an arena where women can become she-gods, tossing opponents around with superhero strength and style. It allows those who like a certain amount of pain to be slammed on a mat beneath a hard body. While I may not want a woman dressed in a mask and cape to throw me in a headlock, I can appreciate the desire to be manhandled.

In an article for Nerve.com, Sarah Clyne Sundberg, explores the underground world of fetish wrestling. Below is an excerpt from her experience with a female fetish wrestler named Zelda, who also happened to be her neighbor.

Zelda tells me that she's always practiced martial arts in some form. She used to go at it with the boys on her high-school wrestling team.

"I'm naturally inclined to do violent things. I would go to fetish clubs and there would be absolutely nothing going on, so I'd wrestle Karm. People just went wild for it. They weren't used to seeing violence that wasn't stylized."

The positive response to their impromptu wrestling performances led her to set up a website showcasing her skills. "I got all these emails - people who said, 'Wow, you are amazing, you are all strong woman.'"

Zelda tells me she is unusual in a fetish-wrestler context. "I'm not in heels and a corset, I get down and dirty. It's hands on. I'm strong," says Zelda. I sense I'd be a fool not to take her word for it.

Read the rest of the article at Nerve.com

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