Thursday, August 27, 2015

Keepin' it in the Family at the USF Contemporary Art Museum

USF CAM's next show, which opens with a reception Friday night, offers something for you to relate to.

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Love 'em or hate 'em, everyone's got 'em. A Family Affair is a group exhibition exploring themes of family relationships and personal identity through photography, video, performance, and animation.

Artists Renee Cox, Kalup Linzy, Deborah Willis will talk about the work this Friday, but the show also includes LaToya Ruby Frazier, Jacolby Satterwhite, Hank Willis Thomas, and Corine Vermeulen. The artists show how personal and historical families shape their identities through topics of race, class and gender.

Don't get too serious though because comedy is present, especially in Linzy's works where he dresses in great drag costume and creates soap operas of his imaginary family tree. 

Free. Artist talk from 6-7 p.m. on Aug. 28 at Barness Recital Hall at USF School of Music, 4202 W Fowler Ave, Tampa, with reception to follow from 7-9 p.m. at USF CAM, 3821 USF Holly Drive, Tampa. 813-974-4133.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

St. Pete got kinky and no one died (NSFW)

A look back at St. Petersburg's first Fetish Con.

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Missy Sixxx, Dee Dee Zeta, JSin of and Sheena Wiley - DRUNK CAMERA GUY
  • Missy Sixxx, Dee Dee Zeta, JSin of and Sheena Wiley

In case you didn't notice, a lot of leather and rubber-clad booty paraded around downtown St. Pete this past weekend.

Fetish Con, one of the largest kink tradeshows in America, literally rolled out the red carpet for nubile women wearing assless latex dresses and little more than body paint. Organizers estimated more than 4,000 kinksters attended the 15th annual trade show that took over the Hilton St Petersburg Bayfront for four days.

Vesta, event co-founder, said the crowd appeared even bigger than prior years when it was held at the Hilton Tampa Downtown Hotel (previously Hyatt).

Trade show vendors were busy Friday and slammed Saturday as hardcore and mildly curious browsed booths of glass dildos, kilts and eight-inch heels.This year, St. Pete's 333-room Hilton and the 128-room St Pete Courtyard Marriott, one of two overflow hotels, were booked solid. And the show officially featured a mascot, Bernie BondageBunny, who's been attending unofficially for several years.

The event drew new faces despite losing some regulars. Several kinksters noted Fetcon was overall more subdued than years past (the legendary all-night pool parties fizzled early due to a sound ordinance). They were still able to get their fetish on at the official after-parties held around the 'Burg.

Kinksters wearing everything from latex cat suits to leather dog muzzles packed the SIP Social Lounge on Friday and the State Theatre on Saturday. Kinksters on the other side of the Bay weren’t left out as the Castle, long Fetcon’s after-party home, still held its Annual Fetish Extravaganza.

Scroll down for Drunk Camera Guy's pics from the event ...

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Snakes and sand and hope: Brandon’s Shane Hinton

Surreal tales of taking responsibility, with nature as a constant foil.

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Shane Hinton at the Flamingo, St. Petersburg - JARED SILVIA/BURROW PRESS
  • Jared Silvia/Burrow Press
  • Shane Hinton at the Flamingo, St. Petersburg

Shane Hinton reads from Pinkies
Thurs. Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. at Inkwood Books, 216 S. Armenia Ave., Tampa, 813-253-2638,
Shane Hinton is skinnier than a glimpse of his moon-round face would suggest. There are mild bags under his eyes, the slightest hollowing out beneath the cheekbones — not too bad, considering the year he’s had.

“I’ve been working 70 or 80 hours a week,” he says, sipping a Guinness, his back curved like an apostrophe. Mornings at the family strawberry farm, nights teaching writing at the University of Tampa. All while editing his debut short story collection, Pinkies, released in May from Burrow Press. All so that his wife can stay home with their newborn twins.

It’s the kind of epic manning-up you’d expect after reading the collection, which brims with hallucinatory familial anxieties and dogged, barely-logical efforts to allay them. In the title story, for instance, the protagonist sets dozens of traps to catch the giant snakes who are relentlessly fixated on eating his pregnant wife.

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Wall-to-wall luminosity — the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival

Local muralists are joined by peers from all over for a two-week celebration.

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PHYSICAL GRA-TWEETY: Montreal’s 123Klan will contribute its unique street-influenced style to SHINE. - COURTESY OF TES ONE
  • courtesy of tes one
  • PHYSICAL GRA-TWEETY: Montreal’s 123Klan will contribute its unique street-influenced style to SHINE.
SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival
Sept. 1-12. Various locations in downtown St. Petersburg.
See for map.

Second Saturday Art Walk
Sat., Sept. 12, 5-9 p.m.
Last Sunday, Ya La’Ford played chicken with a late-afternoon thunderstorm — the kind that arrives in St. Petersburg like clockwork during August — daring the weather to keep her from finishing an 85-foot mural she calls The Sunnel. Her hustle stemmed from the return, then imminent, of the Tampa Bay Rays to battle the Minnesota Twins on home turf Tuesday. The vivid blue Sunnel, which stretches along the underground tunnel where Rays fans stroll to games from Ferg’s Sports Bar, was ahead of schedule for the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, but just in time for the team’s homecoming.

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Bikers, rejoice! Tampa ranks No. 1 for bike-friendly businesses in Florida

Eleven Tampa businesses have been awarded a medal by the League of American Bicyclists.

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Time to grab your helmet and cycling crew for a victory lap: today, the League of American Bicyclists, a national organization that strives to make a "Bicycle Friendly America," has recognized Tampa as the No. 1 city in Florida for biker-accessible businesses.

Eleven Tampa businesses have been awarded a medal ranking out of the 100 new awardees for 2015, with six Downtown businesses receiving honorable mentions. There are now well over 1,000 Bicycle Friendly Businesses throughout 47 states and DC that hold this special honor. Check to see if your local favorites made the list this year:

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Caught backstage: 20 Penny Circus at The Improv

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7:23 p.m. — Carl Skenes (l) Tyler Sutter (r) of 20 Penny Opera chill before the show starts which includes an opening act. - KEVIN TIGHE
  • Kevin Tighe
  • 7:23 p.m. — Carl Skenes (l) Tyler Sutter (r) of 20 Penny Opera chill before the show starts which includes an opening act.

Tyler Sutter and Carl Skenes, known as the 20 Penny Circus, are a dark and twisted clown duo who perform magic tricks and insane stunts with humor and a vaudevillian-meets-punk rock flair.

Sutter, who had an interest in circus and performing from a young age, broke into the biz performing magic shows at the Universal Studios Magic Shop, where he performed more than 30,000 shows. He currently lives in Gulfport, when not performing, and runs a costume business making high-end swimmable mermaid tails with his wife.

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The Laugh Tract — Who's Bringing the Funny

Patton Oswalt and Jay Pharoah are the biggest names in town this week.

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Patton Oswalt is at The Straz Saturday night.
  • Patton Oswalt is at The Straz Saturday night.

We have some funny people in town this weekend.

Granted, we have that every weekend. But this one will be especially fun, since we have a couple of breakout stand-up comedians in town. In addition to the big shows, we have the regular cast of touring comedians, local talent and free gigs that make up the vibrant comedy scene in Tampa Bay.

If you want to laugh, you have no excuses. Here are your best bets:

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Do This: Get Your Gras on at Gecko Ball this Saturday

Gulfport meets the French Quarter. This is going to be legendary.

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Gulfportian Daniel Hodge dressed for the 2014 Gecko Ball. His costume stayed true to the "Roaring Geckos" theme. - CATHY SALUSTRI
  • Cathy Salustri
  • Gulfportian Daniel Hodge dressed for the 2014 Gecko Ball. His costume stayed true to the "Roaring Geckos" theme.
This Saturday in Gulfport: Geckos and Mardi Gras.

We should stop there, really, but in case you aren't hip to all things Gulfport, allow us to tell you about Gecko Season, which lasts for about six weeks in late summer. Festivities include gecko art, a gecko festival, gecko drinking, gecko parades. Because, as one Facebook page suggests, Gulfport

The full title of the festival and surrounding gecko-oqity is the "Gecko Fest and Mullet Mutiny" but over the years, the Gulfport Merchants Association shortened it to "GeckoFest" and the Gulfport Historical Society has taken up the mullet mantle. And no, Gulfport doesn't have any more gecko-type creatures than anywhere else in Florida. It's just what they do, and they do it well.

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Happy National Dog Day! How Florida ranks for dogs, events to commemorate

Floridians love their dogs. Show it at a few local events tonight through Sunday.

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Happy National Dog Day, fellow ruff-ians! The holiday encourages dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, and promotes the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and abuse-free life. Ways you can celebrate include adopting a dog from your local shelter or purebred rescue organization, buy your dog a fun new dog toy or donate blankets, food and toys to local shelters like the Humane Society or SPCA.

To create a national dog appreciation ranking, Milo's Dog Kitchen pet treats brand surveyed 3,000 dog parents (21 and older) across the United States to determine how regularly they engage in dog-loving behavior. Florida ranked No. 5 on the list of states with the most "emotionally happy" dogs. Click here to read which state got No. 1.

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Stay crafty, St. Pete — the Burg is in the lead as craftiest city in U.S.

Voting ends Aug. 30 for America's Top 10 Towns for Craft Lovers.

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CRAFTIEST: St. Pete's Florida CraftArt is considered the pinnacle for craft art in St. Pete.
  • CRAFTIEST: St. Pete's Florida CraftArt is considered the pinnacle for craft art in St. Pete.

We hear so much about listicles that cast a negative light on our area, but St. Petersburg is leading in the running for Top 10 Towns for Craft Lovers. From downtown to St. Pete Beach, the area has emerged as a mecca in the medium of fine craft art with several galleries and festivals. Gallery Florida CraftArt on Central is the area's most prestigious linchpin in the artform.

"Please vote and help spread the word. St. Petersburg truly is a craft lovers dream and worthy of this designation," writes Wayne David Atherholt, Director, Mayor's Office of Cultural Affair, in a recent email. "We're already home to Florida's crafts organization, Florida CraftArt, and to one of the top centers of clay in the United States. And soon, we will welcome the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement."

Voting ends Aug. 30. You can vote once a day. The American Craft Week organization will be awarding designations Sept. 1. Click on to vote.

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