Friday, April 17, 2015

ARTpool's 7-year anniversary — catching up with the Williams

A chat with Marina and Evan Williams before the big celebration Saturday night.

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ARTpool’s 7th Anniversary is Sat., April 18, 8 p.m.-midnight; runway show is at 10 p.m.
Dress code: "Dress to impress." Tickets online at VIP Runway seat & show is $40; general admission show is $20. All ages welcome. ARTpool’s Monthly Crafty Fest Indie Art Markets are May 2-3, June 6-7. 

St Petersburg native Marina Williams and her family have established an eclectic art destination like no other, and they are set to celebrate their seventh birthday Saturday night.

ARTpool Gallery was founded in April of 2008, planned as a “pool of talent” that everyone could jump into. What makes their monthly events so special is the collaborative nature of the shows. Even though they started in a depressed economy, the Williams family put their hearts into their business and they have survived and thrived. CL caught up with Marina and Evan to chat with them about the upcoming anniversary event.

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It's "Rush Hour" to see Chris Tucker live

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Actor/comedian Chris Tucker performs at The Straz in June.
  • Actor/comedian Chris Tucker performs at The Straz in June.

In the early 90s, Chris Tucker was an up-and-coming stand-up comedian, and it looked like he had a long career of road gigs ahead of him.

Then Hollywood came calling.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Copra: Round Two continues today's best, strangest indie comic

Maybe "gritty" comics have had their day - but really, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

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Michael Chabon once compared the dominance of comics by the superhero stories to a hypothetical alternate reality in which 90% of all literature was made up of romance novels about nurses. Chabon meant this is a dig at the narrowness of the comics industry – but, as Michel Fiffe’s Copra amply illustrates, working within the constraints of an established and slightly silly genre can give a really creative artist just enough limitations to go, well, completely berserk.

  • Bergen Street/Michel Fiffe

Copra, whose second collection shipped in late March, has been one of the most widely lauded indie comics of the last few years, despite trading in a seemingly tired formula – a team of washed-up, corrupted, broken, and otherwise compromised antiheroes are brought together as a secret agent team to fight evil, and maybe get their old lives back. It’s right out of the ‘gritty’ pages of books like Suicide Squad and Thunderbolts.

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Larger than life: The creations of Kumpa Tawornprom

His vivid paintings and statues can be seen around downtown Safety Harbor.

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KEEP ON TRUNKIN':  Kumpa's pink elephant welcomed visitors to SHAMc's recent Songfest on Safety Harbor's waterfront. - DANIEL VEINTIMILLA
  • KEEP ON TRUNKIN': Kumpa's pink elephant welcomed visitors to SHAMc's recent Songfest on Safety Harbor's waterfront.

Kumpa Tawornprom’s life might read like the plot of a Wes Anderson movie, but the local artist and sculptor prefers to amaze people with his giant creations.

“I like to think there’s nothing I can’t do! I tell people, ‘No problem!’” the cheerful, soft-spoken artist says without a lick of arrogance. His works display impressive technical skill and an eye for color, no doubt influenced by his Thai heritage.

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Theater Review: Harvey

A fine second act and overall production can’t salvage the freeFall production's initial banality.

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HAREBRAINED: Larry Alexander as Elwood P. Dowd. - ALLISON DAVIS
  • Allison Davis
  • HAREBRAINED: Larry Alexander as Elwood P. Dowd.

Harvey runs through May 3. 7 p.m., Thurs., 8 p.m. Fri. and Sat., 2 p.m. Sat. and Sun. at freeFall Theatre, 6099 Central Ave., St. Petersburg; 727-498-5205.  $21-$46 general admission; $21-$43 students, seniors, teachers, military.

The first act of Harvey is so lacking in substance, it leaves you unprepared for the strengths of Act Two. More specifically, Mary Chase’s 1945 play (a Pulitzer Prize winner) starts off as little more than a sitcom about a man who has an imaginary friend. That this friend is a six-foot-three white rabbit hardly matters: the act’s success hinges on a case of mistaken identity (who gets committed to a sanitarium, delusional Elwood P. Dowd or his sane sister Veta?) and offers nothing else to think about and little reason to care.

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Neighborhood Issue: Safety Harbor's Todd Ramquist, Kiaralinda & SHAMc

This supercouple is poised to begin a new chapter for Safety Harbor arts and music.

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Safety Harbor's Kiaralinda and Todd Ramquist. - DANIEL VEINTIMILLA
  • Daniel Veintimilla
  • Safety Harbor's Kiaralinda and Todd Ramquist.

He sports a ponytail that’s “the length of a full-grown baby.” She streaks her hair with purple and greets friends with a warm hug. And you can’t have a conversation about art in Safety Harbor without their names coming up.

You could say that supercouple Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda are the godparents of the city’s arts scene. They have hosted bands and movie stars (including actors Jeff Daniels, Alan Cumming and Annie Potts), provided their Casa Loco guest home for a movie set, and founded the city’s biggest-ever music festival, Songfest.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MegaCon wows the nerd crowd with out-of-this-world sights and sounds

Hulk Hogan, Stan Lee and more at the big annual convention.

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When Dorothy Gale passed over the threshold of the tattered remnants of her Kansas home, she was welcomed by the overwhelming spectacle that was, OZ. That's very much like what awaited simple, ordinary folk who left sunny Orlando last weekend when they entered MegaCon.

The worlds may seem similar, familiar enough to hold your footing, but the sights and sounds are enough to make you believe you've entered a fantastical world. Forget Walt's Kingdom just up the street, MegaCon was truly a voyage to Fantasyland. (Photos by Drunk Camera Guy)

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The Laugh Tract — Who's Bringing the Funny

Dave Chappelle has come and gone, but there are plenty of comedians in town for the weekend.

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CHO NUFF: Henry Cho is a Korean-American with a southern accent from his Tennessee.
  • CHO NUFF: Henry Cho is a Korean-American with a southern accent from his Tennessee.

A nice variety of touring headliners at comedy clubs, or one of many independent shows this weekend that feature talented locals. But wherever you go, there's plenty of funny on stages this week.

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