Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kendra Lust: the MILF next door (NSFW)

Getting in bed with the porn star on the set of "Lesbian Family Affairs 2"

Posted By and on Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 7:30 AM

“Would you mind making sure my stockings are even?” Kendra Lust asked with a smirk as she turned around and bent over in front of me.

I took a knee to inspect the stockings sliding up her muscular legs to her powerhouse of an ass. Her leggings were even but I still made a few minor adjustments to extend my time basking in the radiance of her butt. Considering that this exchange occurred within moments of our meeting, I couldn’t help but wonder if her overt flirtatiousness was a theatrical performance, or if she really was as sexual as she acted.

We were in a mansion on the set of Tanya Tate’s latest project for Filly Films, "Lesbian Family Affairs 2." While I compulsively ate carrot sticks Lust prepared to take still photos for the box cover. She slid out of her dress and lathered her perfectly sculpted breasts with strawberry scented lotion.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Orgy etiquette as learned on the set of Wicked’s 'Holly… Would' (NSFW)

A number of questions flooded my mind when I RSVPed “yes” to a twelve-person orgy.

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A number of questions flooded my mind when I RSVPed “yes” to a twelve-person orgy. Was I required to bring some sort of gift: a cake, a twelve pack of wine coolers, a leather-bound sex-slave? Would condoms and lube be provided? What about bathrobes and moist towelettes? Could I bring a plus one? Should I pack a lunch? Emily Post never wrote about the etiquette of group sex, and I couldn’t find any reputable online guides to navigating the nuances of orgies. Consequently I resolved to use my invitation to educate others on the ins and outs of hosting a successful sex party.

When I arrived on the set of Wicked’s Holly… Would, the air was thick with the hiss of aerosol bottles and the scent of beauty products. Samantha Saint rubbed lotion on her award winning tits. Another model asked around for a spare douche. Standing naked on the stairs, Asa Akira asked for directions to the “enema bathroom.”

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Down the rabbit hole with body artist, Sophia Fiore

The porn star on naked selfies, blending adult entertainment and the fitness industry, her love of dominating other doms, and why Alice in Wonderland is her favorite book.

Posted By on Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 1:31 PM

I’m meeting a sex worker in a Ft. Lauderdale hotel. When she steps through the sliding glass doors, it’s immediately clear to everyone in the lobby that this woman makes a living off her body, which is only vaguely concealed in a tight dress and sunglasses. Technically we’re the same height, 5’10, but in heels she towers over me with the kind of lean musculature of a professional pole vaulter. As per our arrangement, I have one hour with porn star, Sophia Fiore. 

We sit in the shade of the high rise hotel sipping vodka-waters, watching yachts sway in the marina, and discussing sex.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Building sex equity with Brooklyn Chase's six-figure-physique

The San Diego native on her new 32G boobs, her hyperactive gag reflex, sex on first dates, and why you shouldn't touch her feet.

Posted By on Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 2:23 PM


If you Google "Brooklyn Chase" you won't get directions to an ATM in New York. You'll likely see provocative images of a busty 5'2" brunette with a bankable body performing an ATM.

It's fitting that the 29-year-old chose a stage name that sounds like a financial institute. Early in 2012 the San Diego native's bills were pilling up, she was digging deeper into her savings, and she was unsatisfied with the jobs she could land with her lack of a college degree. Taking a chance, she used her ass to cash a few checks by performing in X-rated scenes. While money motivated her to get into porn, a love of sex pushed her to turn the gig into a career. That and she realized just how much her six-figure-physique was worth.

You recently went from a DD to a 32G—or so I’m guessing based on the size of all the bras on your Amazon wish list. Have you filmed a scene with your new tits yet? Have you noticed anything different about having sex with 32Gs?

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A stoned review of Snow White XXX

What happens when you mix weed, a parody porn, jessica drake's ass, and a ravenous craving for popsicles.

Posted By on Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 4:03 PM

I just texted my friend Sydney a shirtless selfie because I’m stoned and I haven’t had sex in a week and I have a lingering case of blue balls from the previous night when a woman had me pull her hair for thirty minutes while thwarting my attempts to burrow under her shirt. Paranoia sets in. Did I just send that shirtless selfie to the wrong person? That happened last night when the hair-pulling-fetishist wanted to get stoned and I texted the wrong number asking where I could score some “greenery,” as I've never arranged a drug deal and I have no idea what the cool word for pot is. Turns out drug dealers aren’t incredibly reliable and my hookup happened a day late, leaving me to get stoned alone in a bathtub, attempting to entice Sydney to come over with promises of greenery, popsicles, and my shirtless self. This is all to say that my mind and body are in prime physical shape for reviewing porn, as I’m fascinated and aroused by pretty much everything, including the toaster.

Enough fluff. Let’s get these pants off and pop in Axel Braun's, Snow White XXX

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Porn at 18: head-turning redhead, Alex Tanner

The New Port Richey native offers insight into what tempts young women into the adult industry.

Posted By on Fri, May 23, 2014 at 9:32 AM


Alex Tanner gets distracted by another young starlet licking a penis-shaped lollipop. Standing at the Hussie Models booth at Exxxotica Ft. Lauderdale, Tanner has the enthusiasm of a wide-eyed kid in a candy store. The 18-year-old is excited by the sexy shimmer of money, fame, and freedom seemingly within reach through the adult industry.

When Exxxotica's MC announces that Ron Jeremy just arrived, Tanner strains her neck to catch a glimpse of what she assumes is a beefy stud. I explain that Jeremy is famous in part because his less than attractive appearance appeals to the mainstream media's vision of the porn industry.

Tanner has only shot about three hardcore scenes in two weeks. As a newcomer, the New Port Richey native offers an interesting perspective on what tempts young women like her into porn.

What were you doing before transitioning into adult entertainment? Webcamming? Stripping?

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Enter "The Anal Ninja," Jayden Lee

The porn star on squirting etiquette, anal fisting, shaving her ex-boyfriend's asshole, and why she is "The Anal Ninja"

Posted By on Thu, May 22, 2014 at 9:22 AM


Jayden Lee wanted to know what I was doing after Exxxotica. She didn't feel like hitting the after-parties. Instead she wanted to take some casual naked photos around Ft. Lauderdale, and she wanted to know if I could shoot her.

While my photography skills are limited to the automatic setting on my DSLR, this didn't stop me from agreeing to accompany Jayden on her nude safari. The external flash I just bought to feed the illusion that I'm a competent photographer was already paying off.

Or, if I didn't feel like going out, Jayden was cool with just getting stoned and taking naked photos in her hotel room with her friend Vicki Chase.

The conversation was starting to seem like one of my grand delusions, and in some ways it was. The plan was contingent on two unlikely events: 1.) Jayden actually texting me after the convention, and 2.) Me setting up a drug deal in an unfamiliar city despite the fact that I had never purchased weed in my life. 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Laying Layton Benton

The porn star on what she looks for in balls, wanting her first anal shoot to be classy, and the perils of shooting ass worshipping scenes.

Posted By on Mon, May 19, 2014 at 10:14 AM

  • @Laytonbentonxxx

In some ways porn seems like an odd choice for Layton Benton, who grew up a self-described tomboy around San Francisco Bay. The 22-year-old of mixed Dominican, Puerto Rican, and African-American heritage hated wearing "feminine" tokens like heels or sexy underwear. The first time Benton had her bust measured she cried because she didn't like being touched by a strange woman. Unlike many adult models who dabble in exotic dancing or webcaming before jumping into shooting hardcore sex scenes, Benton worked at Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Radio Shack. Of course she also had a well deserved reputation in high school for banging all the hot jocks, so maybe her profession wasn't all that surprising. Despite her sexually adventurous nature, porn brought many firsts for Benton. Among other things she discovered that she not only likes women to touch her chest, she enjoys fucking them as well. Having shot over 50 scenes for companies like Hustler, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Reality Kings, and Penthouse, Benton was recently honored with a Best New Starlet nomination at the 2014 AVNsI caught up with her at Exxxotica in Ft. Lauderdale.

Is it true you’re available for anal scenes but your ass hasn't been booked yet?

Yeah. I want my first anal scene to be with Elegant Angel or Mason or Mike Adriano. I’m a really big fan of Mason. Hard X is just so beautiful. Mike Adriano is very intense and I feel like the scene would be absolutely amazing. Elegant Angel, they are just elegant and classy. I want my first anal to be very elegant and classy.

So it's not because studios are afraid of your huge ass?

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Vicki Chase's mouth writes checks her ass cashes

The Latina porn star on her Gumby tattoo, "pony sex," depositing stacks of ones, and why she might change her name to Vicki Wells Fargo.

Posted By on Fri, May 16, 2014 at 9:36 AM

  • @VickiChase
Vicki Chase is accustomed to handling huge loads of dirty money with a smile. As a former bank teller in LA, she was the front woman for the legal money laundering institution, Washington Mutual (which later became Chase). One customer who caught her attention was male porn actor and producer, Eric John. After months of asking, John convinced Vicki to accompany him to a porn shoot. For Vicki, the experience was liberating. Soon she left the confines of the oppressive bank, and her restricting office wear, to start making stacks of dirty money herself. She took Chase as her stage name in honor of her fortuitous encounter with John, who she married at the AVN Expo in 2010. While the relationship ended, Chase's affair with porn is just starting to heat up. I caught up with the Latina performer at Exxxotica, Ft. Lauderdale, where I grilled her about the etiquette of depositing hundreds of dollars in crumpled ones, who her porn star "doppelbanger" is, and why she has a "pony sex" fantasy.

Chase Bank recently canceled hundreds of porn stars' accounts, seemingly because the financial institution does not condone their profession. Considering that you took your stage name from Chase, do you wish you could change it now?

In a way. Why did they have to be so uncool to our industry? What makes our money bad? What we're doing is legal. It’s a shame.

I take it you didn’t have a bank account with them?

No I didn’t. I had a personal one, but I’m closing it. Wells Fargo is much cooler. I opened my business account with them not too long ago because I knew Chase wasn’t going to be good. I knew they would close my account eventually.

Have you considered changing your name to Vicki Wells Fargo?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sexting with Sydney Leathers

Anthony Weiner's femme fatale on bipartisan sexting, dick pics, and her plans to shoot more porn

Posted By on Wed, May 14, 2014 at 12:39 PM


Sydney Leathers texted me a picture of her pussy. His name is Oliver. The photo was the first assault in her campaign to convince me to have a drink at her Ft. Lauderdale hotel instead of driving back to Tampa. From our impromptu interview earlier in the day at Exxxotica, Sydney knew about my recent negative experiences with both cats and women, and she wanted to convince me of the merits of both—at least that was the delusion flying through my head when I pulled a u-turn and drove back to Ft. Lauderdale.

Sydney is a master of making friends with powerful people—myself not included. She would have made a great lobbyist or politician had she not gotten caught sexting Anthony Weiner. The scandal erupted last summer when Weiner was trying to resurrect his political career after a previous sexting scandal removed him from Congress. Weiner was making a bid for mayor of New York when the dick pics he sent Sydney popped up on The ensuing media storm not only sunk Weiner's mayoral bid, it also drowned Sydney's prospective career plan. However, the scandal also presented her with a new opportunity, one that capitalized on her flirtatious networking skills and her love of disseminating nude photos to online admirers.

I met Sydney at Exxxotica where she was promoting her sex tape Weiner and Me, building her network of adult industry professionals, and toying with the idea of shooting more sex scenes. While I can't include the conversation we had at the hotel bar—partially because my memory was tempered by alcohol and partially because her attempts to seduce me were all off the record—below is our short interview from Exxxotica. The interview provides a sample of both my swoon-worthy conversation skills and the charm that tempted Weiner to jeopardize his career just to flirt with Sydney.

In what ways are you crazy?

Lots of ways. I’m a bit of a nympho. I a little OCD. I get a bit anxious driving.

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