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Sexting with Sydney Leathers

Anthony Weiner's femme fatale on bipartisan sexting, dick pics, and her plans to shoot more porn

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Sydney Leathers texted me a picture of her pussy. His name is Oliver. The photo was the first assault in her campaign to convince me to have a drink at her Ft. Lauderdale hotel instead of driving back to Tampa. From our impromptu interview earlier in the day at Exxxotica, Sydney knew about my recent negative experiences with both cats and women, and she wanted to convince me of the merits of both—at least that was the delusion flying through my head when I pulled a u-turn and drove back to Ft. Lauderdale.

Sydney is a master of making friends with powerful people—myself not included. She would have made a great lobbyist or politician had she not gotten caught sexting Anthony Weiner. The scandal erupted last summer when Weiner was trying to resurrect his political career after a previous sexting scandal removed him from Congress. Weiner was making a bid for mayor of New York when the dick pics he sent Sydney popped up on The ensuing media storm not only sunk Weiner's mayoral bid, it also drowned Sydney's prospective career plan. However, the scandal also presented her with a new opportunity, one that capitalized on her flirtatious networking skills and her love of disseminating nude photos to online admirers.

I met Sydney at Exxxotica where she was promoting her sex tape Weiner and Me, building her network of adult industry professionals, and toying with the idea of shooting more sex scenes. While I can't include the conversation we had at the hotel bar—partially because my memory was tempered by alcohol and partially because her attempts to seduce me were all off the record—below is our short interview from Exxxotica. The interview provides a sample of both my swoon-worthy conversation skills and the charm that tempted Weiner to jeopardize his career just to flirt with Sydney.

In what ways are you crazy?

Lots of ways. I’m a bit of a nympho. I a little OCD. I get a bit anxious driving.
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Me too. Before GPS I was a mess on the road.

Exactly. If I don’t know my way around an area very well, I get really anxious. I’m like a grandma driver. 

I'm the exact same.

See, we’re like soul-mates. Do you have any pets? Now I’m interviewing you. See how that happened.

I don’t have pets. I had a lot of pets growing up, but...

I’m loving you less as this goes on. Just tell me you love cats.

How many do you have?


If you said three you’d be bordering on becoming a crazy cat lady.

Exactly, that’s why I won’t go over two.

So I love cats, but one of my relationships ended in part because my ex didn't clean up after her cat.

If we dated I’d clean my own cat’s shit, so that’s one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about. See we’re soul-mates.

Right, but would I have to worry about you sexting congressmen?

No, I’ve been really good. I haven’t spoken to any politicians recently.

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  • @SydneyElaineXO
Was it always part of your plan to release those compromising photos of Anthony Weiner?

I really didn’t have it planned. Honestly. When everything blew up, I was completely shocked. 

Did he make you call him Carlos Danger?

No, he never told me to call him Carlos. I never asked where he got that name from. It was weird because he made the Carlos Danger email specifically to send dick pics. He didn’t want to do it through his Facebook account, which is how we started communicating, because his Facebook was connect to his wife’s account. That’s how Carlos Danger was born.

Did you guys ever hook up or did he just send dick pics?

It was just sexting and phone sex and that type of stuff. At one point we made loose plans to meet up, but it never actually happened. I think it was mostly fantasy. But, I feel like if we got a good hate fuck session in, then maybe this would all blow over. Isn’t that the way to end every relationship, with a good hate fuck?

What was his favorite type of dick pic to send?

It was like hanging around his house with his cats. He would title them. One of them was “ForSyd.” Isn’t that romantic. Another was “Hangin.” He was just hangin' out with his weiner out, pun intended.

Do you think he sent his wife dick pics?

No, I don’t think his wife wants to see his dick and that’s part of the problem. I don’t think she’s seen his dick in awhile. I’m sure many other Internet girls are getting to see his dick currently.

Was your Vivid sex tape the first time he got to see you naked?

Anthony has seen me naked in photos, but this is definitely the first time he got to see me have sex. I’m sure he has watched it like 9,000 times by now. I feel like I should mail him a copy just to be a sweetheart.

Yeah, with a personal note that says, “Hangin’.” Was Xander Corvus's character in your sex tape named Carlos Danger?

No, but at one point he is fucking me and he says, “Call me Mr. Mayor.” It was something Anthony would have said. It wasn’t planned so it was extra hilarious.

click to enlarge sydney_leathers_new_york_daily_news.jpg
Do you have plans to shoot more sex scenes?

I do. I’m thinking that I want to spend the summer shooting content.

What sex acts will you limit yourself to?

I’ll just start off with boy/girl. I’m really interested in doing a girl/girl movie because I’ve never done anything with a girl. Just some mild making out. I think that would be a really interesting thing, especially for the first time being on camera. I think that’s kind of hot.

What if you set up the whole scene and you go to fuck the girl and realize, “Nope. This isn’t my thing.”

I know I’ll like it. I’m super attracted to girls.

What was your connection to Anthony. How did the flirting start?

I had lived in DC for awhile and had done some interning. I was doing political blogging and worked for a law firm. Very different from what I’m doing now. Anthony and I had a ton of mutual Facebook friends, so that’s how he knew of me.

When you update your resume, will you include Weinergate 2013?

You know, I haven’t updated my resume. I feel like I should and it should just say, “professional cock sucker.” I don’t know what else my title would be. I jokingly like to think of myself as the princess of New York City because I helped decide the mayoral race. I deserve a key to the city right?

Or a dick to the city.

Yeah. De Blasio needs to send me a dick pic to the city.

It’s weird to think you impacted the politics of the nation’s most important city.

Yeah. Weiner was number one in the polls until the scandal hit. It’s crazy being 24 and being like, “Oh yeah, that election. That was my fault.” I’m trouble.

What other politicians would you want to sext?
click to enlarge Sydney's pussy, Oliver - @SYDNEYELAINEXO
  • @SydneyElaineXO
  • Sydney's pussy, Oliver

Darrell Issa. He’s a republican from California.

So your sexting is bipartisan?

Well I’m an Independent. I’ve already ruined a Democrat. Now I need to ruin a Republican. It’s only fair. So Darrel Issa, call me.

Are you more likely to send a guy pictures of your cat or your boobs?

I’m more likely to Instagram my cats, then secretly send my tits. I’ll just send pictures, like "Hey, here’s my pussy…" 

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