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The horizons of Dakota Skye

The tiny Tampa native turned porn star on sleeping with women at 13, being a band geek, quitting Wal-Mart for porn, and what sex acts are on her "no list"

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Dakota Skye looks neither tall enough nor old enough to ride the roller coasters at Disney World, let alone to perform with the oversized men she shoots sex scenes with. The petite twenty-year-old is a modern Lolita — a bubbly nymphette whose youth conceals her overdeveloped appetite for rough sex.
Dakota grew up around Tampa Bay where she dabbled in ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Despite her nerdish tendencies — she plays video games and spun flags in marching band — she wasn't shy when it came to sex. At thirteen she lost her virginity and started seducing girls. At eighteen she began webcamming from home while working at Wal-Mart by night. Dakota's solo shows caught the attention of East Coat Talents, which booked her in July of 2013 to perform several sex scenes in Miami. She was so attracted to the work that she moved to LA and embedded herself in the adult industry. In less than a year Dakota has shot with many of the biggest studios and has started popping up on box covers for companies like New Sensations, Digital Sin, and Jules Jordan. I caught up with the emerging starlet at Exxxotica, Ft. Lauderdale.

What was your job at Wal-Mart?

I was an overnight stocker, but I got harassed by the managers and everyone else so I left.

You were like, "Fuck Wal-Mart! I’m doing porn."

I was webcamming while working at Wal-Mart.

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Weren’t you making enough money webcamming that you didn't need to work at Wal-Mart?

I wanted a normal job. I wanted to do normal things. When I webcammed I never got out of the house. And I was engaged.

Recently when you were apartment hunting in LA you didn’t know what to list as your profession on the rental application—

Yeah because they discriminate dude! Even banks. Chase closed my account because I do porn. Every time I apply for an apartment or a car I go through this ridiculous process. I can’t get loans.

Loans for what?

I wanted one for my car originally, but I ended up putting seven grand down.

Is seven grand the equivalent of two anal scenes? Is that how you work out financials in your mind? Like, "I need a new television so I need to shoot a blowbang scene"?

I justify the money I spend in a really funny way. If I have a hundred dollars in my wallet, I feel like it doesn't count if I spend it because I already pulled it out of my account. It's bad. Or I’ll think, "Well I have a scene tomorrow where I'll make X amount, so I can spend that money now."

You’ve been shooting sex scenes for nearly a year. What have you yet to do?

DP and interracial.

Do you have plans to do those? Do you have a "no list"?

I’m not talking about who's on my no list.

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Your no list is people, not acts?

I don’t have acts on my no list. I wasn’t sure about interracial at first but as time goes on I am more and more curious. I’ve never had sex with a black guy.

Did you spin flags in your high school marching band?

I did. I fucked up my shoulder really bad from that actually.

When you start feature dancing, will you spin flags on stage?

No. I’m going to do hooping or spin poi. I spin poi right now. I want to learn how to spin a staff, which is pretty much like twirling flags.

Did they make fun of you for spinning flags in high school?

Yeah, everybody does. I was a dorky kid. I was a cheerleader in middle school but in high school I was a flag spinner.

You couldn’t have been that dorky. Didn’t you lose your virginity at thirteen and start sleeping with girls in seventh grade?


Were you wild in high school?

I was an emo kid in high school. Black hair. Hair extensions. Nine piercings.

And now you're tame?

Haha. Yeah, I’ve been tamed.

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Did your dog ever make it out to LA?

My pit-bull is still in Tampa. LA is very strict on breeds. I might make him a service animal and then they can’t say shit. I was going to bring my Chihuahua to Exxxotica. I tried to get his service license before I left LA. I have a Chihuahua-Corgi mix.

Do you take your Chihuahua to porn shoots?

Haha. No. that would be unprofessional. I have a baby sitter.

What do you do that is unprofessional on sets? Like, do you bring a bunch of food and pig out?

I always eat. That’s not unprofessional. If I don’t eat, I won’t be energized to do anything. I’m not fat so I don’t need to worry about eating too much.

Is this your meal here, the coke and basket of fried food?

Actually yes, but I gave the rest away. I ate a ten piece this morning and a McChicken.

You’re reading Asa Akira's new memoir, Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story. Has it taught you anything about navigating the world of adult entertainment?

Don’t work in the dungeons of New York City.

Did you shoot fetish scenes before you got more into mainstream porn?

I have, like at FetishCon. It’s not really my thing. I’ll shoot like foot jobs and feet stuff but it’s like…

You don’t like being tied up and tickled?

I don’t trust people to do that honestly. I know it sounds really paranoid. The companies I work for now are all huge companies. In the fetish world it’s a lot of clips4sale people and small companies. Honestly I don’t trust somebody to tie me up. Unless my agent knows someone personally, I won’t do it. My biggest fear is getting stalked and kidnapped.

Have you been freaked out by any fans yet?

Haha. I’m not talking about that either.

Who is your best friend in the industry?

Chloe Foster. We are really close. I stick to myself a lot. I’m a really busy person. I don’t have time to go do anything. And, I’m not twenty-one so I don’t go out. When all my friends go out I sleep or play video games.

What game?

League of Legends. I spent the last two weeks at my mom’s house playing League of Legends for my vacation. I went to the beach once and I threw my own birthday party in Ybor. I'm an Aries.

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