Friday, April 11, 2014

The week in sex news

Rihanna photographed bottomless, odd nude photos, chocolate dildos, real male sex dolls, boyfriend twin phenomenon, lab grown vaginas, recycling sex toys...

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Sensual nude photos of couples caught in intimate moments underwater (NSFW):

Mesmerizing photos of dutch prostitutes:

Challenging and strange portraits of femininity:

Barbie’s hacked phone reveals explicit nude photos of the iconic doll:

Gorgeous shots of nude women enjoying life in the summer sun (NSFW):

These surreal erotic illustrations marry humor and lustful desires:


"Porn for the Whole Family" proves nothing is shocking anymore:

1 in 4 youths see online porn by age 12:
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Teen girls fantasize about sex as much as teen boys:

Millennials are most willing to move for a wife’s job:

Men and women in more satisfying relationships have lower testosterone:

US women are getting married and having children later:


Shockingly real male sex dolls:

New app is like slowed-down Tinder for picky people:

The Ida couples' massager is ideal for idle hands (video):


Topless woman rampages in St. Petersburg McDonald's:

Florida man caught having sex on picnic table, asks responding officer “Why can’t you be cool?”:

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Rihanna face down and ass up. Pictures from her bottomless photo shoot on a balcony:


Watch the hilarious facial expressions of 20 dudes getting their junk waxed for charity:

Inside the complicated world of recycling sex toys:

The educational fisting video that the Internet doesn't want you to see: 

20 Pieces of sex and love advice from Mickey Rooney:  

Miami woman arrested for allegedly filming "crushing" fetish video:

'Boyfriend Twin' is the strangest Internet phenomenon you'll see today:

Creepy pictures from Russian dating sites:

Skip the Peeps this Easter, have a chocolate dildo instead: 

Meet the woman who has 50 orgasms a day: 

New York governor wants to ban boob enhancement ads on the subway:

Titillating spreads from 1903 were full of girl-on-girl action: 

An expert's guide to brothel etiquette:

For a dollar, would you have sex with Paul Rudd? Billy Eichner wants to know:

Hot air balloon marriage proposal goes up in flames:

Vaginas engineered from scratch are actually a thing now:

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