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Sex news in review

The most intriguing sex and love stories that made headlines last month.

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-Human Barbie starves herself to achieve doll-like proportions:

-Bring the 'pink' back to your vagina with 'My New Pink Button' genital colorant:

-The evolution of black masculinity through fashion:

-Our brains reward us for looking at attractive people:

-Rise of cosmetic surgery for the butt:

-Playboy's first short-haired Playmate in 15 years: Britt Linn:


-Beautiful imagery of nude ballerinas dancing in 'Stardust' (NSFW):

-Nude body art camouflage:

-Showgirl, Gia Nova, plays with fire while dancing with death and desire (NSFW):


-A hidden sex scene from Pokemon:

-This creepy underwear statue is upsetting to everyone with eyes:

-Prankster thong-bombs New York fashion runway show:

-Comedic readings of James Joyce's fecal-obsessed love letters:


-Study finds that the more porn you watch, the more sex you have:

-Duke Freshman outed as porn star:

-Kayden Kross talks about being a pregnant porn star:

-Mash up of hentai faces with nude photos:

-4,000-year-old mass produced porn discovered in Mesopotamia:

-Live streaming view of odd searches on

-Rambone XXX: a parody analysis of porn as allegory: features the faces of regular people orgasming:

-Rebel rousing punk band, Get Shot, starts alternative porn site:

-New California porn-condom bill moves forward (NSFW):


-Virginia judge strikes down ban on same-sex marriage:

-Arizona Senate and House pass homophobic bill making it legal to discriminate against gays:

-Old-timey douche discovered at New York City Hall:

-Woman slices off tattoo of ex and mails it to him:

-Husband draws his wife one penis a day for an entire year:

-New coffee shop staffed by shirtless dudes:

-Being homophobic takes 2.5 years off your life:

-Panda reenters the wild thanks to watching hours of panda porn:

-Project Rose is arresting sex workers in Arizona to save their souls:

-A prostitution school in Spain opens to train new sex workers:

-Prostitution museum opens in Amsterdam:

-National Museum of Australia has an online exhibit showcasing its collection of convict love tokens:

-Does a more equal marriage mean less sex?:

-Male flasher gets kicked in the nuts by Walmart shopper:

-Substitute teacher arrested for furiously masturbating in high school hallway:

-College security boss busted for ejaculating into female coworker's footwear:

-18-year-old makes a spreadsheet of his masturbation sessions for entire year in order to get better:

-NY men accused of sexually abusing cows:

-Adult 'pajama party' at kids' playhouse doesn't go over so well:

-How one Morocco sultan sired 100 children:

-Nude church in virginia invites you to bare more than your soul:

-Making babies with 3 genetic parents gets FDA hearing:

-How long does your state last during sex:

-New marsupial species is a sex maniac:

-Iowa bill would allow women to sue abortion providers for "abortion regret."

-Subtle sexism: what men would experience if our sexes were switched (video):

-Sudan charged a rape victim with adultery and prostitution:

-College football star comes out as gay months before the NFL draft:

-Man burns penis after having sex with a Dominos pizza. Demands a refund:

-Top 10 most provocative books out February 2014:

-The statistical differences between happy and unhappy couples:


-Florida woman calls 911 when officer refuses her sexual advances:

-Florida man, naked with large clock fends off cops:

-23 Florida men busted in underage sex sting:

-Man poses as Tampa photographer, searching for models:


-New female Viagra is either totally great or complete bull:

-New record on world’s thinnest condom:

-Electric condoms:

-Cannabis flavored condoms:

-10 strange facts about condoms:


-Sex-ed toys for kids cause panic:

-IUDs bring US abortion rates to all time low:

-Access to information and services doesn't lead to adolescents’ sexual risk-taking: guttmacher

-Gay men more likely to have unprotected sex:

-The cure for a semen allergy is to have a lot of sex:

-New guidelines for menopausal symptoms like vaginal atrophy:

-Teens who talk about condoms via text are 4 times more likely to use them:

Sex news in review: January 2014

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