Monday, January 27, 2014

Japanese 'smart' bra explodes open for 'true love' (video)

A chastity belt for boobs.

Posted By on Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Finally "a bra that knows how women truly feel!" The Japanese company Ravijour developed a 'smart' bra that works like a chastity belt for boobs; it only opens under the presence of 'true love,' or at least an accelerated heartbeat, which is seemingly the only way of determining if a woman's bra should come off.

A sensor built into the bra reads the user's heartbeat and sends this information via bluetooth to a smartphone app. If the heartbeat exceeds a certain rate, which is allegedly only brought on by "true love," then the bra explodes open. If any other man tries to unhook the bra, it won't budge. This "smart" bra raises a number of questions, particularly about the thought process of the men who invented it.

If a woman's heart rate skyrockets while dancing, or say fending off an attacker, will this also cause her bra to fly off? How will this bra stop a man from simply pulling it down or too the side? What happens if the woman's heart rate doesn't reach the critical level when she is about to sleep with her husband or long term boyfriend?

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