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Josh Blue: Soccer, spouses and cerebral palsy

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Josh Blue is at Side Splitters this weekend
  • Josh Blue is at Side Splitters this weekend

Josh Blue's cerebral palsy only affects his comedy if you can't get over it. It certainly doesn't get in his way on stage. In fact, he uses it as a springboard to entertain his considerable fan base, so don't expect him to shy away from it — or anything else that comes to mind.

Blue participated in a Q&A in advance of his special engagement shows at Side Splitters this weekend.

CL: You're a previous winner of Last Comic Standing. Have you seen the new version of the show and how do you feel about it coming back?

Blue: I never watched it before I was on and haven’t watched it since. I’m happy it’s on, though. I have some buddies on the show this year and would love to see them take advantage of the exposure.

You were part of the US Paralympic Men's Soccer team in 2004. Are you following the World Cup? If so, how do you feel about the US team's chances and who's your pick to win it all?

I watch as much as I can. It was nice to the US beat Ghana but I don’t think they have much of a chance against Germany, who is my pick to win it all.

It's not unusual to see people with disabilities at your shows, many of whom probably don't go to comedy clubs regularly. They're there for you. How do you feel about that, and do you consider yourself something of a role model — albeit a politically-incorrect one?

It’s great that they come out and support me. I’m starting to embrace the role of role model now, but it’s taken a while to accept it. I’m really just trying to be funny and if people look up to me because of that then great!

Comedians often get a flash of a great idea at unusual times, and it's often a race to get it down on paper or record it so you can work on it later. With cerebral palsy, is it more of a challenge to record those bursts of creativity? How do you handle it, and what's your writing process?

I’ve never written anything down. I count on being able to recall any good creative ideas I get.

A lot has changed for you since you first took the stage. You're married with children. How has your writing changed, and in what ways has it stayed the same since you started?

You write about what you know and I’m now a parent and a husband so that’s become a big part of my act. It’s the same in that it’s still very funny.

How would you describe your comedy to people who haven't seen it before?

Quick. Unpredictable. Anything can happen. Non-stop laughs from start to finish.

For people who know you mainly from Last Comic Standing, how will your current show surprise them or differ from what they might expect?

That was eight years ago, so I’m a lot better now. I cringe when I watch that old footage. I had only a few years of experience in stand-up when I was on Last Comic Standing and I’ve done thousands of shows since that time so I would hope that I’ve gotten better at it. Also, my club shows aren’t necessarily “TV clean”.

What's your favorite thing about touring and performing live?

The energy I get from the crowds and getting away from my wife and kids.
(Just kidding, honey!)

Showtimes are Friday at 8 p.m. and 10:15 p.m., and Saturday at 6 p.m., 8 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Tickets are $16.50 and $18.50. 12938 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa. Info:

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