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Two Treksters in Tampa in one week: First Takei; next Shatner

What's next — Klingons? Let's hope we have not incurred the Wrath of Khan.

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Boldly going where few have gone before, the National Tutoring Association welcomed Star Trek veteran and Internet sensation George Takei to its annual conference here in Tampa today.

The NTA's 21st Annual Conference takes place at the Grand Hyatt Resort through April  9.

Takei spoke about his childhood in an internment camp and about the teacher who formed a thriving "ecosystem of education."
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In additions to crafting the funniest memes on Facebook,  Takei is an advocate for a number of worthwhile organizations and programs, including the National Tutoring Association, and uses his fame frequently to help the lives of others. 

Speaking of Enterprise vets, Captain Kirk and Spock, better known on Earth as William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (by Skype), as well as a Federation-ful of other Star Trek personalities and other sci-fi celebs will beam into town this weekend as well.

Appearing at the Away Mission Convention, Shatner and crew will be signing autographs and taking photos for the Trekkie faithful.

Online registration is closed, but any tickets still available can be purchased at the door. Away Mission Tampa, April 11-13, Hilton Tampa Westshore Hotel, 2225 N Lois Avenue
Tampa, away-mission.com/events.html

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